Marble cleaning and floor restoration services

When it comes to flooring materials, marble is certainly one of the most popular choices. People had been using marble as a flooring material for along time now. The stone is elegant, translucent, and attractive in appearance, natural, unique, and stylish. The marble stone comes in multiple natural colors, hence holds the natural beauty. However, they are also prone to acid attacks, water damages, staining agents, etc. The stone, being delicate, easily cracks down under pressure. In order to recover them, you need professional marble floor restoration services.

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The benefits of seeking professional marble restoration services

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While marble is an attractive stone, it needs extensive care and maintenance. But with the help of professional service provider, you can restore your floor to its original state. Listed below are few of the situations where you would need professional help.

  • Stains– Marble floors are prone to stains which are not just limited to acid. Staining agents such as water, acid, or any other liquids easily damage the surface of themarble floor. Certain staining agents tarnish the color of marble, hence giving them a dull appearance. Besides, the porous nature of marble allows dust and dirt particles get accumulated in it. To get rid of these dust particles, you should seek professional marble cleaning services.
  • Acid attacks– Marble gets easily damaged by acids. Certain regularly used products such as beverages, sauces, foods, cleaning products, etc. contain acid. And when these substances come in contact with marble floor, achemical reaction takes place which leads to damage to the floor. But you can avoid this by hiring professional marble cleaning agents. They understand which cleaning agents to apply while marble cleaning.
  • Cracks– Marble, unlike several other flooring stones, isn’t a hard substance. It cracks easily (due to porous nature) under pressure. Marble cracks down or breaks especially when they are not installed properly. This could be avoided if you take professional help.
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Services provided

The three main marble floor restoration services include the following:

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  • Grinding: Marble grinding is the first step to restore the floor.
  • Honing: To make the marble surface smooth, honing is performed.
  • Polishing: The last step includes polishing the floor surface to render it a shiny appearance.


Marble is a soft material which requires occasional maintenance. Since a wrong restoration process could lead to permanent damage to the product, it is always recommended that you hire professional staffs for marble floor restoration.

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