Minimalist Garage Design Inspiration

The garage is an important room, especially for homeowners who own a vehicle.

Currently, the trend of a garage with a minimalist design is becoming the choice of many people because the model is simple, not complicated, and modern.

Limited land also encourages someone to prefer a garage with a minimalist model because it doesn’t take up too much space.

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Not only functions for security, the garage can also support that can beautify the exterior of your home.

Therefore, choosing the right garage design that is tailored to the design of your home is the choice.

For those of you who are still confused about the right garage design model, you can make some following garage designs as inspiration.

1. Open Carport Concept Minimalist Garage

This minimalist garage design inspiration with an open carport concept is perfect for those of you who have limited land.

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This is because a garage with this design does not require a lot of space and is quite pocket-friendly, you can rely on the remaining land outside the house.

This garage with a carport design prioritizes space with a cover at the top.

In order not to seem stuffy, you can use a transparent roof, such as using Polycarbonate, clear fiber, or clear vinyl.

2. Luxury Minimalist Garage

This garage design uses a wood material on the sides and is given additional warm lighting so that it will look luxurious.

You can use a folding door model using a door with a bending system, and a folding system that uses technology assistance, such as with a remote or just a button.

This type of door can also be made with a wide selection of different colors, types, and sizes.

You can use metal folding doors made of Galvanic iron with a hollow design combined with glass or wood on the frame.

3. Garage next to the house with the concept of “floating”

This garage with a “floating” design is also suitable for you to apply to houses that have limited land.

Unlike the previous garage designs that used a special roof, this type of garage utilizes the lower part of the room from the second floor of the house as the roof.

Uniquely, the garage with this design does not use supporting pillars, so that it looks “floating”.

4. Traditional Concept Minimalist Garage

For those of you who like houses with traditional styles, this type of garage is perfect for you.

This traditional concept garage uses natural stone walls and dark wood garage doors.

To make it look more optimal, you can add a lantern-shaped lamp to make it look more traditional.


Whatever garage design you choose, the most important thing is to maintain it so that your garage door continues to function as it should.

This treatment is adjusted to the door material which of course must be checked periodically.

For example, for the type of garage with an opening model, you can lubricate it with oil or lubricant.

However, if you want to care for your garage door properly, you can take advantage of the services of garage door repair Williamsburg VA companies.

The advantage of using garage door repair Williamsburg VA is that they use professionals who can find problems early and fix them.

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