This Pet Company Will Make A Cuddly Toy Stunt Double Of Your Pet

Because yes, we should never have to leave our pets side.

As lockdowns begin to ease, many of us are increasingly starting to return to the dreaded office. After a year away from the dreaded commute, we now are not only facing returning to the office but worse yet, we’re facing leaving our beloved Fido behind. Yep, Fido is facing the prospect of ten hour days at home and we’re going to miss him, big time.

Fortunately, have got some solutions to our problems. Step forward their custom 3D pillow and their high end custom stuffed animal products

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They stock a full catalogue of over 100 customisable products which you can adorn with your fur-babies fine form. From personalised pet phone cases, blankets, cushions and mugs through to their bestselling 3D pet pillow. It’s the pet pillows and stuffed toys which really caught the eye of the Wholepost team.

All you have to do is upload your pets best photos, and their team will do the rest.

A word to the wise though, the photos you submit will make or break how well your product comes out. If you follow their guidelines and add photos which have been taken in daylight, with no camera flash and with your pets whole body in view, the outcomes are incredible (comb through their thousands of reviews, many of which have photos, and you’ll see the ones which followed these guidelines come out incredibly)

SquishyFacedCrew’s founder Mike explained their backstory on a post on Reddit, explaining that him and his partner were struggling to locate a store which could produce a form of custom stuffed animal toy. His partner Rebecca was travelling with work to San Fransisco (from the U.K) and would be away from home for a few weeks, and she was going to really miss their pet Bulldog, Winnie. They had the wise idea of getting a small personalised cuddly toy for Rebecca to travel with, but alas, there were none available online. From there, SquishyFacedCrew was born.

If you need another reason to form a queue at their front door, they also donate a portion of their profits to pet charities, with one such charity, the High Rollers Club, currently benefiting from partnering with them. So ordering today also benefits dogs who are disabled and need to ‘get their wheels’ AKA dogs needing custom wheelchairs. Custom products supporting custom chairs, nice touch all round.

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According to Mike, around 55% of their orders are from pet parents who have lost a pet. “Bereaved pet parents are a huge part of our customer demographic. I hadn’t appreciated the role we’d play in (our own small way) helping grieving pet owners to overcome their loss. At first it was a bit saddening to learn that this was the rationale behind buying our gear, but in time I have come to the view that we should be honoured that people choose us to memorialise their pet. We’re really very grateful that we serve such a purpose now”

Prior to Covid-19, travelling away from home was the other big reason why people are buying SquishyFacedCrew 3D pillows and stuffed animals.

“University is actually a really big one for us” continued Mike. “Its funny, you get these college kids going off into the big wide World and they don’t miss their parents a jot, they do though really miss their pet dog! We see real spikes after the Christmas holidays especially”

And in case you think their products are just for dogs, you’d be mistaken. They have made 3D pillows of Cats, Dogs, Spiders, Motorbikes (yup), hamsters, rabbits and pretty much everything in between.

At the time of writing, you can get their 3D pet shaped pillow from $27.97 and their custom pet cuddly toy from $199 (which includes a $50 voucher for Wholepost readers). Over to you!

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