Positive and negative impact of day time nap

Napping has many positive effects on your body and many scientists have proved that point but if taken long then its also have some adverse effect on your health so in today article I am gonna point out all the positive and negatives of napping.

Benefits of napping:-


If you have a stressful office hour then a quick 45-minute nap can make you relax and studies have shown that people who take afternoon naps are more attentive toward work.

Improve mood:

It is also shown that people who take short naps are less prone toward anxiety and stress and it also uplifts a person’s mood drastically.

Reduce fatigue:

Sometimes it happens with all of us that we are not able to take good night sleep, so we know if we are not able to complete 8 hours sleep it gonna create a problem for us and we are gonna work like a zombie in whole office hours, so a quick nap can help you to reduce that fatigues.

Important things to note :

  • Day time nap should not exceed more than 45 minutes because after that it makes you sleepy
  • Search for a quiet place to take a nap, because it will increase its benefits.
  • A perfect power nap time is from 1:00 pm to  3:00 pm because at that time most of us eat our lunch and food will create laziness so having a good nap after that reduces your laziness and increases alertness.

The adverse effect of napping:-

Sleep Inertia :

Sometimes bad naps result in sleep inertia which makes you groggy and you will feel disoriented after waking from sleep.

Night sleep problems:-

A good nap in a day may gonna affect your good night sleep which will again create grogginess in the morning and working like a cranky aunty is a thing we all didn’t want.

Lower life expectancy

 Yes, you read it right if you take more than a 1-hour long nap, then it’s gonna affect you adversely in the near future.

Conclusion :

Napping having a both sides positive and negative sides if done it in the right way having lots of positive impact on your life but if taken wrong way then it also has many mental health issues, so it’s advisable to take nap at the proper time and in the proper limit.


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