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Carbon fiber is the next-generation manufacturing material that is being intensively used by the transport industry. With major applications in aerospace and cars, carbon fiber is becoming the preference of many brands, including BMW. Visit any BMW accessories shop, and you will find the most carbon fiber parts on display. With the fiber as performance and safety-oriented, many existing supercar owners are asking to replace their manufactured parts with it. Here are the frequently asked questions about carbon fibers and how to take care of them. 

How Long Does Carbon Fiber Last?

Though companies manufacture intensive carbon-made parts, the fiber does not have exceptional durability. However, when combined with resins to create a carbon fiber composite, its strength and stiffness are hard to be matched by other materials. It also enhances its durability and remains perfectly intact even after long usage. Its rigidity is producing great results for the structural and internal parts of top-notch racing cars like BMW g22.

How Much Does Carbon Fiber Cost?

Carbon fiber has many variations that have different properties. The cost depends on the variation’s processes before being forged into your required part. While the least expensive type is used in sanitary, construction, and minor automobile interiors, the most expensive variant forms the structure and interior of aerospace and supercars. Not only have they reduced the use of corrosive metals in cars, but they have also enhanced their performance considerably. 

Why Is Carbon Fiber Expensive?

The primary raw material of the fiber is called precursor. It is treated with extremely high heat without oxygen and then drawn into carbon fiber. Polyacrylonitrile is the highest quality precursor and forms almost 90% of fiber production but is difficult to manufacture. The process of providing and maintaining a suitable environment is cost-consuming. Also, the precursor shrinks to almost half of its weight after becoming carbon fiber, requiring a double amount of polyacrylonitrile to form a single unit. This layered production increases the rigidity of the fiber, and the bonds make it strong and impact resistant. It is highly recommended to visit BMW accessories shop and switch to fiber for greater performance of your supercar.     

How To Take Care Of Carbon Fiber?

  • Carbon fiber offers a similar surface as other building materials but is much softer. Products normally used on paint for cleaning or removing scratches work well on it 
  • Alcohol is the best way to wash and dry fiber, but since most of the high-end products already contain a fair amount of alcohol in them, they can be applied
  • Carbon fiber beneath the lacquer tends to turn milky white after continuous exposure to the sun’s UV rays. This can be largely prevented by the use of wax, sealant, or an extra coating
  • If the fiber gets oxidized, it is highly recommended to get it machine polished or use wet sand.
  • Polishing can easily be performed but if you are not comfortable, contact a high-end automotive dealer. Ultra luxurious cars like BMW g22 offer the best look when polished from time to time. 
  • All of the above methods work well on all carbon fibers except day fibers which have a very different composition process than regular fibers
  • In the case of dry carbon fiber, you will require an entirely new coating after removing it completely with sandpaper


Carbon fiber is emerging as a perfect replacement for other materials used in car manufacturing. It provides speed to the driver and safety to the passengers while offering raised acceleration and an intact body. Racing car brands, especially BMW, are intensively using carbon fibers to make their product’s structure lightweight and durable. Get your supercar upgraded at the nearest BMW accessories shop and enjoy a high performance experience.

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