Redesigning Your Hardwood Deck

Deck design is a very personal thing. Your home style is a significant factor, and you may feel out of place if the deck design is not good. If your hardwood deck is several years old, chances are it needs some redesigning. Here are a few options for redesigning hardwood decks

Raise the Bar

Build along the outer edges of the deck and create a beverage station. Also, you may use wooden boards that match your existing deck. Make sure the boards and the accessories match the existing structure. Attach an interior ledge, so the seamless bar blends with the hardwood deck. Having a bar can convert a simple deck into something special. 

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Build a Pretty Pergola or Overshade

An open-air deck is an excellent addition to your home. Building a pretty pergola on the deck can transform it into a regal retreat. You can use pressure-treated wood and sleek ivory colour for a classic finish. 

Decks allow you to enjoy fresh air without stepping out in the open. There is a variety of options available to spruce your hardwood decks. Add levels for creating additional living and entertainment spaces on your deck. An outdoor retreat with lights and cosy décor is all you need under the shade. 

You can also add other types of overhead structures that offer varying shades. The hanging structure placement will determine how closely the rafters are placed. You can also consider an awning to get a reprieve from the oppressive sun. 

Add Greenery 

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You can add some colour and interest to your old deck by displaying some greens. Some green options you can add are succulents, home-grown plants, and flowers in exciting arrangements. You can place chic pots to spruce the floor. Hanging baskets at varying heights can make the deck look fuller and brighter. 

Add Furniture 

A redesign does not always mean breaking and making things. Furniture and accessories can make a huge difference in the overall look of the deck. In the tight and narrow yard, you can spruce the deck by adding compact furniture and fixtures. It will create a sense of space and style. You can pair compact furniture with minimalist accents. For example, a small circular dining table, the dark-coloured planter, can make the deck look classic. 

Add Vertical Elements

The deck is generally a floor area. The upright components like the railing, overhead structures, and skirting make the visual impact. You can select a beautiful railing design and components to replace the existing ones. Make sure the railings suit the deck entirely. If the hardwood deck is raised, you can add decorative skirting to cover the underside. 

Add Cooking and Noshing Spaces

If you like to cook outdoors, consider building an elegant kitchen with a cooking counter. You can also create a place for cooking appliances and a grill. Don’t forget to add a sitting counter in front of the cooking area. The sitting area can be used to enjoy food or offer advice while cooking. 

The deck is exposed to weather elements 365 days a year. The redesigning option discussed for hardwood decks can breathe life in your deck and make it a destination for comfort and enjoyment. 

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