Steps to Develop Effective B2B SEO Strategies

Almost everyone is aware of SEO and its basic concept of optimizing the website content to rank higher on search engines like Google. However, B2C SEO is significantly different from B2B SEO content, and there are several misconceptions surrounding it, especially regarding its purpose and technicalities. B2B SEO is not a cheat code to rank higher or SERP. Rather it entails a series of optimizations that allow the site and the content to align with the goals of the target search engine. B2B SEO agency allows companies to develop useful and accessible content that attracts the users and achieve better relevance and usability on online search engine platforms like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.


While the most common SEO content many are familiar with is the B2C SEO, where the content targets consumers buying from businesses, B2B marketing focuses on businesses buying from other businesses. Australia has over 2,400,700 actively trading businesses. Over 47.1% of those businesses have an online presence which includes mostly large and mid-cap ones. The B2B businesses in Australia generate over 38.89 billion AUD as GVA. However, many companies do not understand how to leverage the content focused on B2B SEO. They may or may not have a strategy planned, depending on the complexity of their product. The salient features of B2B SEO that set it apart from B2C SEO are

  • Its low keyword volume
  • Content addressing decision-makers like VP of marketing, head of sales, CEO, chief revenue officer etc., as opposed to the broad audience.
  • Producing keywords with high CPCs
  • Minimal social media presence
  • Highly tactical content
  • Focus on branding, organic traffic, traffic quantity and quality.

Strategies to Develop a Solid B2B SEO For the Business

A B2B SEO agency helps companies develop several strategy processes to blow away their competition depending on their needs. Some successful ones are:

Creating an Ideal Buyer Persona

One cannot deny the significance of developing a buyer persona in B2B SEO. The first step towards developing a successful presence in the market is understanding the audience and their problems and requirements, which are the target businesses. The business can create an abstract depiction of their ideal customer from the quantitative and qualitative data they get through market research or client feedback. These insights help the marketing and the sales teams to make smarter decisions and develop effective strategies. And develop well-researched target words.

Understand the Business Sales Funnel

Before diving into developing target keyword content that the buyer personas are using, the businesses need to understand their sales funnel. They can do so by holding discussions with the sales team and developing a clear picture of the funnel and its successful touchpoints. They can find reliable data from their sales analytics to determine their brand image. Gathering information regarding the lifetime value of the customer, average purchase time, reasons for purchase and retention time helps them target their B2B SEO content to be more specific. 

Promote the Business Content Through Backlinks

Backlinks are significant in ranking high on Google SERP and, therefore, are integral to a successful B2B SEO strategy. Content marketing is the most effective strategy companies can use to earn better backlinks. Along with social shares, they must smartly promote their business through links from other websites with higher traffic. They can also include the content in their email distribution strategy to link them to resource pages. It is beneficial for businesses to be recommended by other reliable sources like governmental websites, journalists and researchers for their product or service. Having optimal product landing pages through these links help them rank higher on SERP.


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