Sunglasses- Necessary Eye Protection and Eminently Stylish

Ultraviolet rays you have heard many times that the various effects of ultraviolet rays on your skin are a significant cause of burns and cancer. But few people know the damage done to your eyes. In this case cheap men sunglasses help you to save your eyes.

When is it safe from UV rays?

 You need to make sure that your glasses provide 100% protection. You should wear glasses, even on cloudy days. These rays can penetrate the cloud and cause the same damage.

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UV rays

These are invisible rays that are part of the energy from the sun. This type of radiation falls into several categories:

UVC: These are the most energetic rays and potentially the most damaging to the skin and eyes. However, these rays can pass through as the ozone layer gradually weakens, and proper precautions 

UVB: Slightly longer, but lower energy than UVC rays. Like the previous ones, most of these do not pass through the ozone layer, but some reach the earth. These are some of the causes of sunburn because they stimulate skin pigmentation, but they can even cause burns and even skin cancer at high doses. Other effects are discoloration and wrinkles on the skin.

As for eye damage, it is known that the cornea absorbs 100% of UVC rays, and cataract and macular degeneration are less likely to occur.

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UVA: These types of light are close to visible light. However, its energy is lower than that of UVC and UVB rays.

High exposure to UVA rays can cause cataracts, and various studies have confirmed that they contribute directly to macular degeneration.

Role in sunglasses and UV protection

Wearing fashion sunglasses when outdoors is the key to protecting yourself from UV damage. You can ask your optician for help in choosing the right glasses based on your needs.

Please note that your glasses should block 100% of the UV rays. The design needs to be large and wrap to avoid sacrificing any direct contact. People, who spend most of their time outdoors, such as those practicing sports, should pay special attention to protecting their eyes with performance glasses or sports glasses.

This is entirely false, as sunglasses can offer the same UV protection as dark glasses.

Things to consider for sunglasses protection

You need to wear glasses, even in the shade. The shade protects you from most of your direct contact with UV light, but it is essential to know that even the reflection of these on the building glass can expose us to danger. 

Wear glasses during the winter: Snow has a high UV reflectance and the ability to reflect up to 80%, so be careful when going out in the snow and playing sports such as snowboarding. Need to be protected. This is evident when observing professional snow sports competitions because athletes wear reflective visors.

Not enough UV protection from contact lenses: Many contact lenses are UV protected, but not enough to protect you from it. Even if you wear this type of lens, you need additional protection to prevent damage.

Dark-skinned people should wear glasses: dark skin is less prone to cancer than sunlight, but the eyes do the same damage to people of all skin types.

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