Why Tadelakt Has Become Extremely Popular as Bathroom Furnishing?

In earlier times, people were tended to find pleasure in simple things and get contented easily. But the current generation who maintains their daily life in the embrace of globalization finds it quite rudimentary to restrict themselves in basic amenities.

What is Tadelakt all about when it comes to home improvement techniques?

People are no more satisfied with the accomplishment of fundamental need; they want something diverse and unique in their life. The middle and the upper –middle class especially has warmly welcomed new ideas and incorporating it to their daily journey. This new thought process is applicable to everywhere, be it fashionable clothes, electronic gadgets, furnishing or exterior or interior designs of the home. Furnishing and designing the walls in fact has become quite popular and chic as individuals are no more stick to simple coating of colors, plastic paints and the want varieties and coating of colors which will be resilient and sturdy to weather conditions and temperature variations.

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Tadelakt for bathroom renovation:

They are even unleashing the harness of their desires and bringing new ideas in adorning their bathrooms with different kinds of tiles, floors, equipment or plastering styles. Tadelakt, in recent times has emerged out to be a very popular and favorite style of plastering.

Origin Tadelakt has a vintage origin. Long years ago it was evolved in Rome and was used as a medium of sculpture. It actually is a part of Moroccan architecture and in ancient era was used to adorn the lavatory walls and even now is applied to polish the tiles and the walls of the bathrooms.

Components –It is usually formed by the mixing of lime slake or sand and ordinary olive soap or oleic acid.  The imitable combination of lime roughened with soap provides a glaze and a polished finish to the bathroom equipment. Pigmentation for bringing a colorful effect and compression with abrasive stones is applied to the plaster so that it transforms into a glistening and shiny medium.

Uses– In recent years, this plastering material has been used in large scale, it is used primarily in making wet rooms, shower cubicle, basins and another lavatory furniture.  It is known to all that the bathroom equipment are heavily exposed to water all the time and is liable to get damaged quickly. Tadelakt being highly resistant to water has become extremely popular and is used in paramount manner to polish the bathroom furniture.

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Tadelakt (2)

Apart from this unmatched quality of this plastering medium, Tadelakt has grabbed people’s eyeballs because it’s highly eco-friendly in nature.

  1. Chemical abrasion- Tadelakt incorporates lime sand and olive soap, which is harmless and natural. Hence cleaning becomes easy for the users.  Regular use of soapy water to clean the tiles and basins is enough as the glaze and polish never gets faded out.
  2. Recyclable and Cost effective- The major component of Tadelakt is lime. Hence the grinding, crushing and processing is executed when it is made first, hence when it is applied to the surface or the base of the tiles or walls it emits least amount of carbon-di –oxide in comparison to the cement-based finish. Along with that the materials used in the first installment can be re used or recycled.

Though Tadelakt has gathered immense fame for its environment friendly nature, certain precautions are needed to take into account. One must not use hair dye or bath salt or any chemical to clean it; one must also use precautionary masks and goggles while applying it. Although it was largely used in Moroccan civilization to plaster baths vessels, interior and exterior walls, this has also come to acquire more prominence in contemporary times now.    

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