Things You Should Know Before Using Neulastim 6mg Injection

Neulastim is a medical solution used for injections. The injection has the active ingredient called Pegfilgrastim. The ingredient is produced using the gene technology, in the bacteria named E. coli. It is a long-acting form of the human G-CSF. The element is produced by the human body in the bone marrow. It helps in the creation of neutrophils. Neutrophils are one of the white blood cells that protect your body against infections and kills the bacteria in the blood. That’s the reason, the injections of Neulastim 6mg are pretty popular among both people and physicians.

But before you inject the medicine into your blood, there’s more to know.

First and foremost, Neulastim is used as a supportive therapy and NOT as the cure for treating cancer or any underlying disease. There can be different reasons behind using Neulastim for different people, and your doctor may best know the reason.

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If you have any questions, it’s better to ask your doctor about ahead of starting the course or taking the injection on your own.

What’s Neulastim Used For?

Chemotherapy is a popular method to treat cancer, however, a few medicines involved in the process may lessen the count of neutrophils in your body. As said above, Neulastim isn’t a cure for the illness yet it is used post-therapy to increase the number of neutrophils in your body. Apart from this, the medicine also protects you from developing any possible infections that may need further antibiotics or hospital visits.


You can get the medicine yourself from a nearby medical store, however, you will need a doctor prescription for that. Many times, Neulastim 6mg is not easily available even with a prescription, in that case, you can order it from Farmacia online (online dispensaries) such as FarmaSmart.

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You will get a manual and instructions guide along with the medicine. Note that many forums and guides will tell you the steps to inject Neulastim, however, you should always follow the one suggested by your physician. For people living in Spain, it’s easier to get the medicine. All you need to do is enter Farmacia en linea and your location on the web, and it will show you all local stores in your region.

The phrase means online pharmacy in English. Remember that the medicine is not meant for personal use. It can have different effects on people who do not meet the required condition. So make sure you use it only after meeting all the points to avoid side effects.

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