Title: The Amazing Origins and History of Google

Google is without doubt the biggest player in the tech world; they have every website you ever visited and probably have all the emails you’ve ever sent or received. Since its inception in 1998, Google has systematically wiped the floor with the competition and grown into the huge global corporation we know today. It all began a couple of years prior to the launch, with the creation of the search engine BackRub.

Search Engine Optimization

Google is quite secretive about the algorithms it uses with its search engine, yet there are SEO services in Portland that will put your website on the 1st page of Google search results. Millions of online consumers use Google to source products and services and if you want organic traffic from the top search engine, you need to enlist the help of a leading SEO agency to optimize your digital platform.

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Gmail & Google Maps

Google’s early search engine saw steady growth and for a few years, the company relocated several times, settling for Mountain View as their HQ in 2003. The company made its first public offering a year later and became one of the leading media companies; this was the start of a rapid growth period with Gmail arriving in 2004; Google Maps soon followed and in 2008 Google Chrome was rolled out to capture the browser market. Even today, Gmail is one of the most popular web-based email account providers, with 15Gb of free storage when you sign up for a Gmail account.


Launched in 2011, Google+ was the 4th effort to penetrate the social media sector and it achieved a level of success but did not make a dent in Facebook’s grip on the sector. All the while other departments developed, the search engine was continually improved and stood head and shoulders above the other search engines. Click here for tips on improving business operations.

Global Network of Google Data Centres

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Google saves all data; they have huge data centres in cold-climate countries, which store all Internet activity, at least we think so. Google no doubt has many business associations with other corporations, such as NASA, Microsoft, Amazon and other tech giants, plus they have a huge R&D department.

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