Top 5 Korean Webtoons That You Must Check Out

In essence, webtoons are South Korea’s version of comic books. They are extremely popular among the school-going crowd. However, that doesn’t mean the adults are not a fan. In fact, many grownups also like spending their time reading webtoons. These webtoons, commonly known as manhwa, gain massive engagement and are often adapted as Korean dramas. Luckily, different providers offer Korean channels. One of them is Charter Spectrum cable. You can consider opting for the service if you want to enjoy such programs. Manhwas initially appeared as an alternative source for entertainment purposes. But now, they also target younger audiences. Specifically, the unique fantasies that young children may have about different mysteries of the world. Also, at times, they address malpractices in society as well to keep people informed of their surroundings. 

Top 5 Korean Webtoons You Should Read 

Webtoons are not just popular in Korea as it has found a massive following internationally as well, especially in countries like the United States and Indonesia. If you too are someone who likes manhwas, then here are five of the best webtoons that you should check out. 

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#1. The Sound of Your Heart 

If you haven’t checked out or heard about The Sound of Your Heart, then you must have spent the last few months living under a rock. It is an extremely popular webtoon series and one of the longest-running as well that went on for an impressive 14 years! This manhwa doesn’t have any storyline per se, but it follows different characters such as the protagonist Jo Seok, his girlfriend, friends, and family as they find themselves in ridiculous situations every day. Every scenario in this webtoon is simply hilarious that will leave the readers laughing out loud. The Sound of Your Heart was also made into a Korean drama which is a must-watch. 

The Sound of Your Heart 

#2. Noblesse

Like the title suggests, Noblesse tells the story of a nobleman, Rai, who has been asleep for over 800 years. He is completely unaware of how much the world and mankind have advanced thanks to technology and science. When Rai wakes up from his sleep, he decides to explore modern-day South Korea. He goes to Seoul and finds his servant Frankenstein. Together with him, he begins to settle in the present times. Also, Rai decides to enroll himself in high school, where he makes new friends with whom he starts a dangerous mission against an organization that helps him discover many truths about his life. 

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Korean Webtoons

#3. Solo Leveling 

This webtoon is an intensely fascinating read, to say the least. The story of Solo Leveling revolves around Sung Jin-Woo. The plot of this manhwa gets interesting when different portals start to appear all over South Korea. These portals then start to connect the world of monsters to that of humans. However, just as all this takes place, a specific category of humans begins to develop superpowers who are tasked to save the world from the monsters. Jin-Woo, the protagonist, also hails from that race. However, he lacks the strength and power the others possess. Therefore, he ends up placed in the group of hunters. One day he and some of the other hunters enter a dungeon. And although Jin-Woo loses his life while inside it, he was able to complete all the challenges to get out alive. 

While the group of superhumans is thinking that they have lost Sung Jin-Woo, he wakes up in a hospital bed before realizing that something about him has changed. He has gained some special abilities that can help him defeat the monsters. And so, he sets out on the mission to end the chaos and to become one of the strongest hunters of all time. 

Solo Leveling 

#4. Kubera 

It is a fantasy webtoon. This manhwa is about a girl who goes by the name of Kubera. One day, she wakes up to find out that a poWildwerful demi-god or sura has just ended everyone in her small town. This makes her really sad. However, she doesn’t hold back and meets a magician, Asha. Kubera then commences on her journey to bring back all of those people who mattered to her the most in her life. 


#5. Bastard 

Bastard is another manhwa that is quite famous among the South Korean people. It is about a young boy named Seoul Jin. He is often bullied by his classmates simply because he has a weak demeanor. And if he doesn’t have enough problems already, he discovers that his father is a serial killer who now wants him to assist in his dirty work. He unwillingly accepts and starts to accompany his father. But things change when he notices that his father has started to take a keen interest in the new student who just joined the school, Yoon Kyun. It is now up to Seoul Jin to save the girl and become a “bastard” by betraying his father. 



And there you have it! These are five of the best manhwas that you should give a read. These webtoons will keep you entertained. There are many more interesting titles that you should check out including, The Breaker, Untouchable, Tower of God, and Girls of the Wilds. So, which one of these manhwas are you going to read first?

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