Top Five Block Puzzle Mobile Apps

Enhance your memory while sharpening crucial life skills such as logical thinking by playing block puzzle games. Thanks to technology, you can now play block puzzle games from your electronic devices. 

If you are seeking to download a block puzzle app but do not know where to start, read on to learn more;-

Wood Block Puzzle 

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Receive rewards for every step, and each row or column eliminated while playing this simple Free Classic Block Puzzle game. The challenge is to fit different wooden block shapes into a 10×10 grid. Once a row or column is full, it disappears. 

Interestingly, this game is 100% free to play, with no upgrades, no subscriptions. Even better, you can play offline and for as long as you wish. 


  • 10×10 grid
  • Free to play 
  • Offline game 
  • No time limits 

Block! Hexa Puzzle 

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Here is the perfect game to enhance your spatial orientation and geometric skills. The hexagonal pieces will expand your mind in ways previously unimaginable. Feel the satisfaction as the puzzle pieces fit into place, filling your screen with stunning colors. 

The game’s objective is to fit all the blocks within the grid frame. As you collect the pieces, be careful of the blockades. The colorful graphics and themes are intended for pure entertainment and excitement. 


  • The blocks cannot be rotated 
  • No time limits 
  • Auto-save 
  • Thousands of difficulty levels 

Block! Triangle Puzzle: Tangram 

With this app, you have endless shapes and designs to fill using the colored triangular blocks. Your task is to drag the geometric blocks on the board to complete the puzzles. This app offers over 2,000 block puzzle games filled with fun and fresh challenges each time. The game’s simplicity and vibrant colors function to enhance your gameplay. 


  • 2,000+ block puzzle games 
  • Play both online and offline 
  • Supports phones, tablets, and desktops 
  • No time limits 

Block Crush – Popular Classic Puzzle Games 

This game is both fun and strategic. It requires the player to observe, analyze, and move the blocks to reach a line. The more lines you eliminate, the higher the score. There is an option for online with your friends, or you can opt for solo play offline. Colorful graphics, easy controls, and simple rules for better gameplay. 


  • Supports online play with friends 
  • Auto-save 
  • Easy controls 
  • Offline play 

Block Puzzle Box – Free Puzzle Games

Here is a collection of free puzzle games, bringing together both block and brick puzzles. Enjoy block game modes such as merge to ten, slide, and various tangram puzzles. Drag the block pieces from below to the board. Each time you fill a line, it is eliminated. The game ends once the board is too congested to accommodate more blocks. 


  • Diversified block puzzle game 
  • Three puzzle modes 
  • Free block puzzle games for life 
  • Playable with a single hand 


Block puzzle games are fun and offer more than entertainment. People love playing logic puzzles as a distraction, as a way to challenge themselves. They help hone analytical and logic skills for any gamers. Having an app on your phone ensures you have 24/7 accessibility to your favorite block puzzle game. So why don’t you have one yet? 

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