Victoria Search Engine Optimization 101: Guide to Optimizing your Social Media Platform posts for Search Engines

Social media started as a haven for people who wants to communicate with their friends, relatives, people they know, or even they just met, whether online or offline. It makes talking to them, sharing news and information, discussing upcoming events, and everything in-between easier.

According to Align Digital Marketing, a respected marketing firm, in this digital age, social media sites or platforms have become one of the biggest and the wealthiest business in the modern world, maybe second to the crude oil business, but it is one of the fastest growing industry today. It is a multi-billion-dollar business on their own. At least half of the population on the planet or 3.5 billion people have the internet connection, and at least one out of two people that has internet connection uses social media network.

Most of the internet users, log in to their account once a day. With this kind of popularity, social media became a force to be reckoned with in the marketing industry, especially if when business owners want their website to improve its rankings in every search engine. Google, Yahoo and Bing, three of the biggest search engines today, pay attention to every social media posts and presence, like what they do in every content your website is posted on the internet.

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The basics

Any post you make in your social media, whether you post video, links or pictures, is an integral part of the content you are creating. Like most content, your social media posts should be of high-quality and should provide significant value to your audience to attract their attention. It is the most important thing you need to understand; your target market is your priority. To make sure that every post you make can be crawled by search engines clearly, you need to use semantic markup every time you will post something on your social media account. Using semantic markup means you need to put an HTML tag in your every post. It will tell search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing what your posts are all about. Use a catchy and clear description mix with a few keywords. (Click here for a complete list of HTML tags.)

You have to understand that most people who use search engines don’t use default searches. They also search for videos, news, and images to look for the things that they want. If all your social media posts can be found by your target market quickly, and they engage in your content, search engines will find your posts relevant. They will give your posts higher rankings, which is very good for your website and to your business. Also, don’t forget to monitor your work to have a clear idea on what to do next. You need to be consistent with your content. If something is not right, you need to adjust. Search Engine Optimization is a game of consistency and adjustments. Make sure to follow what you did right and change what you did wrong.

Build a good network using external inbound links

Using social media is one way to increase the external links of every website. The more external links your site gets, the more authority it will gain among search engines. To do this, you need to start with N1, which you need to have good quality content, or else you can’t attract external links to your website. You need to share your content in every active and relevant discussion board to gain a following, at the same time, you need to be more engaged with your social media accounts.

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Social Media Platform

Increasing your audience in the social media world means you become an authority figure in the industry. Someone who knows what he is talking about and has all the right answer when it comes to the product or services you are selling. Being a known figure in the social media world means you will have a greater chance to attract external links back to your website through social media shares. One big advantage of being active in social media platforms when it comes to Search Engine Optimization is getting your contents indexed by search engines much faster.

When you post something on the internet, whether it is a simple post or an article, it does not immediately appear in Google, Yahoo, Bing or in other famous search engines, it goes to a waiting list. Bots will first look at it and identify whether your content is relevant to your website or not. These bots always crawl to your site looking for new material, but it takes time before they approve or index your content. If your content is continuously twitted, shared, or liked through social media platforms, it cuts the time needed for bots to approve or index your content by as much as 50%.

If you are looking at the bigger picture, it all comes down to how much you value your target market by posting quality contents. The more satisfied your audience to your content, the higher ranking you will get from search engines. Knowing how to use and take advantage of social media will increase your chances to get more traffic, and eventually push your brand, product or your services at the top of the marketing world.

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