Top 7 Ways To Transform Your Home Into A High-Tech Hotel

It is well-noted fact, that while you are vacationing outsides with family and friends, you are sure to check into fancy resorts and hotels. The luxury and comfort provided by the hotel rooms would be fascinating you with the availability of high-tech gadgets, automated doors, smart thermostats of air conditioning Sydney, widescreen television and much more. It can be quite costly for the hotels to provide the services.

So, why spend so much in fancy hotel rooms when you can bring in that experience to your own home? 

There are several ways in which you can transform your home into high-tech hotel rooms that would be well within your budget and a one-time expense when you start collecting the gadgets for your home:

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Smart TV’s

In the market today, smart TV’s are not that uncommon and unknown. Even if you visit your local electronics store today, they would be displaying the latest smart TV’s that are available. A smart TV of a larger size would be the best option for you to make your home appear similar to that of the luxury hotel. 

You have your own freedom there for choosing the one that would suit you the best as you are sure to come across myriads of options. The technological advancement in recent years has taken the most innovative shape allowing you to come across smart TVs that would allow you to browse through your net simply through your voice activations. 

There are others that would be identifying the hand gestures allowing you to operate with the help of commands. With the passing time, the smart TV’s would simply get smarter!

Digital Keys

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While you are in a hotel, you will be getting the usual set of traditional keys for the locks or would hand you the card keys so that you are able to swipe through. These can bring in a lot of difficulty in the case of misplacement even. The hotels that are fancier ones would be using the digital keys allowing you to access through your phones. 

These usually work in two ways. The first would be similar to the concept of radio frequency identification. An app on your phone would be able to imitate the concept of you not having the actual card. The other would be accessible over Bluetooth. 

These locks are a high-tech one and will open automatically once they would be able to detect the Bluetooth ID of your phone so that you can simply walk-in without having to do much.

Voice-Activated Rooms

Once you have entered your home without having to touch anything, the next thing that you might be doing would be in turning the lights on still without touching anything else. So, how is this possible? It is through the technology of voice recognition that would enable you to do this. 

This technology is quite popular in the movies as well as the hotels. All you need is a short speech and you would be able to do anything with the voice-enabled things. 


Similar to that of Echo, the voice-activated rooms are automation that is enabled through the robots or artificial intelligence and this would provide good efficiency for anyone who would get into the room. When it comes to automation, this is something that would be turning on and off all by itself. 

But, here it is something much more than this. When it comes to automation, everything is about technology that allows itself to be able to get engaged only when it is required. 

This is done to an extent in getting into your room automated as this would help in saving a lot of money on the electrical consumption bills. 

If you are looking forward to saving in a lot of money on the bills then also go ahead in installing ducted air conditioning Sydney with the help of air conditioning service inner west Sydney.

Wireless Charging

It is a tedious task when it comes to having a lot of wires that are tangled together. This would lead them to get damaged and you have to run to get the new one. 

You can simply head on with wireless charging as this would be saving a lot of space as you need not have the wires and neither would be near to the sockets anymore. 

Projector TV’s inside the Bathroom

This would prove to be perfect for anyone who simply loves to take their time while running their business or simply enjoy taking baths. You can ignite this experience in having the TV’s projected in your own bathroom. 

The most cost-effective and cheaper trick would be the use of mirrors on the ceiling. You can match this well with your smart TV and you can do anything virtually with this.

Versatile Bathroom Walls

Digging deeper into the bathroom segment, you can have them upgraded starting with the walls. You would simply be making the best choice when you use chrome-enabled bathroom walls. 

With just the push of a button, the walls in the bathroom can be made more translucent as well as transparent. You can add a lot of space to your bathroom with the transparent walls.

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