Ways to Wear Collar Necklaces To Pull Off an Edgy Look

Collar necklaces are probably the most versatile among the types of necklaces. From chic boho look to typical ethnics, collar necklaces have always fit into every look. With the variations available, there also come a lot of ways to wear elegant collar necklaces. Also known as chokers, these necklaces can be the staple pick for any occasion if you know what type to pick and when. Don’t worry; we have got your back on this. Be it posh, edgy, or eclectic; there are a lot of ways to wear them. 

Read below to style them differently every time. 

Boho beach style with a leather choker

Crochet details rule every summer, and this time, you can hit them more with collar necklaces. Top the Bohemian beach look with a unique combination of crochet bikini and a leather pearl collar necklace. Choose a collar necklace with a single pearl with minimalistic string. It will suit perfectly with the summer vibe. Additionally, you can add twists to the look by adding a sun hat, beach cover-up, and sunglasses. 

Romantic vibe with lace

There can’t be anything more romantic than lacy elements if you are going out on a date night. Pick a lace-trimmed dress with a similar tone collar necklace. Going with a wide and deep v neckline will accentuate your shoulders and bring eyes on the choker without effort. You can go with dusty shades like lilac or pink. They work just right with something that is not too bold or bright. 

Balance the edge with a bold choker necklace

Master the skills of balancing the edgy look by choosing the right kind of soft with an ultra-bold collar necklace. An oversized, cozy soft colored sweater paired with an ultra-thick gold collar necklace will perfectly define what we are talking about. You can complete this chic look by pairing up the sweater with distressed jeans with a relaxed fit. 

Pearls and Karma metallics

You want to choose something different from trendy minimalistic styles, go no further than a collar necklace with a mish-mash combo. Choose an extremely long pearl necklace combined with a pendant necklace and a choker. Team these accessories with a button-down shirt for casual attire. This will add unique creativity to your casuals. 

Layered choker necklaces-perfect for weekends

If you want to master the weekend style, add perfection with layered choker necklaces. It can be your weekend staple. Choose a pair of blue denim and a beautiful white top and add life to the look with layered, dainty, and glory gold collar necklaces. It will ideally exude weekend vibes. You can choose different lengths, pendants, or stick to gold for an easy-to-go appearance. 


From sleek to boho beach looks, collar necklaces are the jewelry pieces that do not restrict you to any style. They can go with anything and everything. Delve the modern choker into a traditional look; it will follow that just right. These necklaces are about just portraying your style and wherever the day takes you. 

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