What Are The Different Types Of Bike Tyres?

The modern motorcycle race tyres and other types of tyres are the result of decades of advancements and improvements in tyre technology. Depending on the use, tyres have different construction, rubber compounds and tread type and all these match the type of the two-wheeler you own. The riding environment is also a factor considered while making tyres. Depending on whether you are riding on the track, cross country, everyday roads or through trails, you need to use a specific type of branded tyres like Kenda, Shinko or Mitas for your motorcycle. 

A tyre made from hard compound rubber is durable and also delivers adequate levels of performance. On the other hand, if you want the maximum tyre performance, you will get it from a softer compound at the expense of longevity. Most of the factory fresh motorcycles come with tubeless tyres fitted on alloy wheels. However, tyres of spoke-type rims still use tubes.        

Anyways, let’s understand the different types of bike tyres.

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Standard street tyres 

These tyres are suitable for everyday conditions. Made of hard compound rubber, standard street tyres are designed to last long. These tyres are more tolerant to damage due to any hazard on the road. Having a lot of tread and adequate grip make these tyres safe on wet surfaces. 

Touring sport/street sport 

The compound of rubber used for making these tyres in neither too hard nor too soft. Grip these tyres provide is better than the grip of standard street tyres. These on-road tyres are suitable for weekend rides, long tours and everyday urban rides. 


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These tyres are for high-performance motorcycles. Supersport motorcycle tyres are suitable for both on the road and occasional track day. Suitable for sports bikes, supersport tyres are made of soft/sticky compound rubber having a high operating temperature. These tyres provide exceptional grip on a dry surface. However, due to the high operating temperature and lack of tread, it is difficult to use these tyres in the rain. The life of these tyres is short due to the soft rubber compound. 

Dual sport/all-terrain 

These tyres have deep grooves and bigger blocks on the tread. You can use them to ride on a highway, dirt back roads and gravel trails as well. Though the grip levels are lower than pure road tyres, these tyres offer good grip over a loose surface and tarmac as well. Made from hard rubber, these tyres have a long life expectancy and low operating temperature. 


Built using hard compound rubber, off-road tyres are purely for off-roading. However, these tyres are not suitable for tarmac. These tyres wear out sooner with extended use. Dirt and trail bikes come with off-road tyres. 

Competition tyres

If you want to buy motorcycle race tyres, invest in competition tyres. Made from soft rubber, these tyres are to be used on the racetrack. Competition tyres can withstand strong acceleration, extremely high speeds, and violent braking. These tyres have no tread. 

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