Why is Baby Crying? Here Are the Top 5 Reasons

Crying is a natural form of communication for babies. A baby is born crying. This is a natural reaction and proof that its respiratory system is starting to work. However, while the baby crying right after birth is a happy sign for parents, later, it becomes the cause of sleepless nights. In this way, the baby tells you it is hungry, tired, or bored.

The sudden shrill cry of a baby is always a cause for stress and anxiety, especially for young parents. However, you should learn to recognize the messages the infant gives you through such behavior to be able to help it as soon as possible. Here are the five main reasons why babies cry.

1. Hunger

This is probably the first thing you think of when you hear your baby cry. If you learn to recognize this sound, you’ll know when to start feeding before the baby cries even harder. This type of crying is quite easy to recognize. Usually, it starts with coughing and whimpering, and then the cry becomes clearer. In addition, observe the baby’s behavior. The baby begins to put its hands in its mouth, smack, stick out its tongue, or lick its lips. Such crying usually occurs 2-3 hours after the last breastfeeding or feeding with baby formula.

2. A Full Diaper

Some babies alert their parents as soon as something unexpected appears in their diapers, as it certainly brings discomfort. If it doesn’t bother your baby that much, remember to check the diaper from time to time since not changing it often enough can lead to diaper rash.

3. Sleepiness

Many adults think that when babies feel tired, they can fall asleep at any time and anywhere. In fact, it’s harder for them than you might think. Instead of politely allowing themselves to be rocked, they often become irritable and cry, especially when they are very tired.

4. Teething

The teething process can be very painful. Some babies may cry more than others, but all become uncomfortable and fussy during this time. If your baby is constantly crying and you’re unsure why, try rubbing its gums with your finger to see if a tooth is on the way. The first teeth usually appear between 4 and 7 months, although it sometimes happens earlier.

5. The Need to Be Cuddled

Babies need a lot of cuddling. They also want to see their parents, hear their voices, feel their heartbeat, and smell their mom or dad’s unique scents. Crying can be a way to summon a caregiver. Do not worry that by reacting in this way you will spoil the baby. During the first months of life, it is impossible.

If the baby doesn’t like something, it will express it with a loud and protesting cry. It has a strong intuition and, when something is wrong, the baby will let you know. The babies cry because they have their reasons, but even the most experienced parents can’t read their minds. Fortunately, even without knowing the cause of a baby’s suffering, we can do a lot to wipe away their tears.

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