Why Should You Upgrade To A Folding Tonneau Cover

As a truck owner, you have so many options for customizing your ride. But whatever you select, you want upgrades that provide the best performance, comfort and protection. Whether you’re a regular off-roader or only occasionally hit the trails, a folding truck bed cover can be a great asset. This short guide explains tonneau cover benefits you’ll want to consider before making your purchase.

Ease of Access

One key benefit of a tri fold tonneau cover is quick and convenient access to your truck bed. BAK Industries’ BAKFlip MX4 is one excellent example. It’s equipped with no-profile panels, so it takes just a few seconds to fold up. What’s more, you can secure the cover with its included struts for nearly 100% bed access. The MX4 also has rubber bumpers that shield the back of your truck cabin so the struts don’t scratch your paint job.

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Protective Storage

Folding tonneau covers offer convenient access, but they also deliver solid protection for your cargo. TonnoPro’s tri-fold cover comes with an E-Z clamping system to lock the cover from the inside. During light rains, its double-sided tear-resistant vinyl material helps prevent water from getting into your truck bed. This cover can also be equipped with a lock to keep people and animals away from your gear.

Meanwhile, the BAKFlip MX4 offers advanced water protection with innovative side rail channels that direct water away from the bed. It also relies on your tailgate’s lock to secure your cargo. When your tailgate is closed and locked, you cannot reach the pull cables that open the cover — and neither can would-be thieves. Its exterior panels also incorporate heavy-duty aluminum with premium density foam cores, giving you lightweight protective durability. You might also consider custom floor mats for trucks to maximize your protective upgrades. 

A Sleeker Profile

Many tonneau cover models, like the TonnoPro Tri-fold and the BakFlip MX4, are designed with a low-profile construction. With their protection and storage capacities, they completely cover your bed when closed. But a closed truck bed gives you another advantage: drag reduction. When you’re driving, air moves over your truck bed instead of getting caught in it. Your engine doesn’t work quite as hard, so you can gain a bit of fuel economy.

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Expanded Cargo Capacity

With their low-profile designs, folding tonneau covers offer yet another advantage: more cargo-carrying possibilities. How? Well, consider the wide range of truck bed racks that can fit over these covers. Some models, like Thule’s TracRac SlideRac, are specifically designed to fit around tonneau covers. Some bed covers, like BAK Industries’ CS series, come with integrated racks. The BAKFlip CS’ rack holds up to 500 pounds, while the bed cover itself supports as much as 300 pounds of evenly distributed weight.

Truck owners get a great deal of use out of their folding tonneau covers. They can keep your gear safe and dry, plus they give your rig a sleek and rugged look. And some models can support truck bed racks, further increase your cargo capacity. Choose a reputable aftermarket auto accessories dealer to get the best quality, service and pricing when buying your folding truck bed cover.

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