10 major types of doors at your home

You must have heard the line “the first impression is the last impression” and this is true especially for the entrance of homes. The entrance of the house will create a lasting impression on the people but somehow doors remain neglected unless they are completely in a bad condition.

Doors are the most important element of the house, they not only give an aesthetically pleasing look but also have features like strength, security, safety, heat resistance, and durability. Past days are now gone where there was no concept of doors. But gradually technology has made progress in this and thus in the modern era, the concept of home has been completely changed. 

Apart from security, privacy, and safety, there is an aspect of decor and fine art associated with it as you can see homes have started to embrace the concept of doors. There are unlimited door options to choose from when it comes to buying, which can make your decision all the more difficult. This guide will help you to find ten major types of doors for your home so that you can get the best one that suits your home decor.

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Types of doors for your home

Choosing the best door style can elevate your home’s curb appeal as well as make it more efficient. We will be discussing ten major types of shutters depending upon their material used for manufacturing, method of construction, operation of door shutter, etc. So Let’s start!

Based upon materials 

Wooden doors: 

Whether you are planning to install internal or external doors, wood is a primary option that can deliver a traditional look or modern style to meet the requirements of any homeowner. Wooden doors not only give a visual appeal to your home, but they also boast many more benefits from helping to reduce the energy efficiency to preventing the exterior noise sound from creeping into the home. They can be installed to the front or back of the home and can also be fitted well internally, so no matter what you are looking for, wood doors are a great choice. 

The high-quality wooden door will be a long-term investment so you need not worry about replacing them over several years. You’ll benefit from a stylish and natural look that features traditional patterns, unique to your door.

Glass doors

Glass is usually used for doors and windows, mostly for paneling. Glass doors can be installed for particular locations, mainly on the backside of the home as it gives a clear view of the yard. Front doors made up of glass also look great but for privacy, you need to cover it with curtains or sanding the glass. You can fix one panel of glass set into a wooden frame and it will be a perfect and gorgeous alternative for front doors. 

Natural light is an advantage but be careful they are hard to maintain and are generally more expensive. These doors are heavier than other doors besides being pricey. 

PVC Doors

Pvc doors are a popular choice as they possess an awesome aesthetic look. They are light in weight, durable, never rot, and are a great sound and thermal insulator. Also, they are weatherproof and rigid and only need a light foamy wash. They last for a longer period without losing their shape. When it comes to security, PVC doors are the most reliable. The frames are joined with galvanized steel, which makes them tough to damage or breakthrough.

Fiber-reinforced plastic doors

They are also called FRP doors. Fiber-reinforced plastic doors give several advantages like very low maintenance, easy fabrication, higher strength, all-weather resistance, lightweight, and corrosion-free. FRP doors are available in various colors and surfaces, made of natural wood surfaces. They are one of the most popular choices for modern-day home construction. 

Global experts make use of SMC technology with the latest machines to accomplish the production of FRP doors. These machines are operated at high pressure and high temperature to fetch the higher strength, appealing textures of FRP doors.

To enhance the curb appeal of your FRP doors, you can match them with black window shutters. Matching your door and shutters can give a colorful impact on your house. 

Based upon operations of door shutters

Rolling shutter doors

A roller shutter door is a perfect vertical roller door usually made up of aluminum, or steel slats. The horizontal steel slats function as a steel curtain forming the main part of the door whilst the side guides help in rolling the slats around a barrel for turning them up and down easily. The rolling shutter doors are beneficial as they do not need much space. These doors are durable, strong, and offer proper security. They are usually used in workshops, stores, factories, shops, garages, etc. 

Having a rolling shutter door will magnify the property value and appearance without affecting the existing outer decor. If you are planning to install them to the shop front, the horizontal slats can be pushed up so that the visitors can see the products inside at the same time making everything secure. 

Sliding doors

The sliding doors are made up of glass, wooden, and steel shutters to which steel rollers are attached. These steel rollers go along a track as you push them and are provided at the top and bottom. Earlier slider doors of wood and steel are used for the larger openings of garages, godowns, workshops, etc. But now they are mostly used in offices, back patios, and in areas that are congested as sliding doors save space and strengthen the efficiency of usage. If you want a clean-lined, minimalist look then it is a good bet.

Pivot doors

They are not ordinary doors. Pivot doors are best known for their motion. A pivot door twirls on a vertical axis that is determined by the position of the top pivot and the pivot hinge system. This makes the movement of the door very elegant. It can be made up of any material. From glass to metal, marble to wood, and the weight can be as high as possible without any issues. They turn on two rotates on the top of the door and bottom of the door. When they are open, the panel looks like it is the part of the wall design which gives it a modern style. 

Folding doors

They are usually used when you can use two rooms together as a single room. Mostly used in the room opening yard, patios, and garden. You can selectively choose a style and configuration to match your requirements, as they can be designed to suit the aesthetic appeal of your home. 

Based upon the arrangement of door components

Battened and ledged doors

They have been around for decades. This type of door consists of horizontal ledges with vertical wood battens. The battens generally are 15-18cm wide and 2 to each cm in thickness. These doors can be either braced or framed to offer rigidity and a much better look. This type of door is good for bathrooms, utility rooms, hallway closets, and as well as in houses where the main factor is economy. 

Framed and paneled doors

The frame of the door consists of wood and the shutter panel is made up of timber, plywood, hardboard, piece board. Various designs can be made on the boards so that the door looks entirely brightening. The panels can also be made up of glass. In such cases, the part of the door has a wooden panel and the rest is of the glass panel, the door is called paneled and glazed. You can design the door as per your requirements and the area in the house. 


Hence, doors play a vital role in anchoring the safety of your house. The doors are considered the face of any house. Therefore, you must give utmost attention to it. We hope this guide helps to make the right choice to select the best door for your home. Also, don’t forget to check out our collection of metal window shutters

So to conclude we can say that the right choice of doors mostly depends on the following factors:

  • It must fulfill the intended function.
  • Easy to make and use
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Future life
  • Future maintenance 
  • Provide safety, security, and privacy 
  • The aesthetic look and stylish appearance 
  • Fire-resistant, heat resistant, etc.


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