6 filtered ways to make the most out of your email marketing

Here are some tips discussed for you, out of which you can expect best result of your email marketing efforts. Few of you must be wondering about, what is email marketing? It includes broadcasting commercial messages through an email. It can be any unsolicited message sent to a group of potential or current customers. It is bulk mailing for commercial purposes.

The main purpose behind this type of marketing is its being the fastest possible mode of reaching new customers without any high investing costs. This is the most convenient way of marketing for any small businesses. But there are some points to be noted before and after sending an email for commerce. Below are some filtered out ways well explained for better results:

1.Write clear subject lines-

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This is where the competition starts. Your subject line has to be competent enough to look different in the recipient’s inbox. First of all your subject must be written in a language understandable to the receiver. The characters in subject line must not be more than 30, so that they don’t get cut off even in mobile devices. The character of the subject makes a lot of difference for a particular email in looking interesting enough to get clicked. The tip is to include verbs and make it time oriented.

e.g. “Hey Sara, today the deal ends. Hurry!” sent by e-commerce sites. Yes including name of the recipient (if possible) boosts the chances of being noticed and read.

2.Hyperlink your emails’ images-

Your ultimate motto of email marketing is to get clicks on your sites. To increase the views for your site, this is a great idea. The viewers are more oriented towards images than text. So try to include hyperlinks in your images so that after clicking, they are directly taken to your website showcasing the contents related to the image. But just don’t fill your email with more than 2 or 3 images. Keep your email short and clear.

3.Add social sharing buttons-

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This ultimately gives your email marketing a huge boost. When there are interests and curiosity made in the reader, he/she might sometimes willing to share the topic with their relatives or friends. This gives is lot of clicks and attention. This is quick way to export your email marketing to huge population.

4.Place at least one clickable item above the fold-

Want to increase the number of clicks on your mail? Try to include 1 or 2 links on the starting of your email. Whether it may be text links or images including hyperlinks. This is ideal for mobile users, since opening emails in mobile phones may require lot of scrolling down the email, so including action-oriented links above the fold may help you get the most of your email.

5.Preview and test your emails before sending them-

This is last step to be followed before sending your email to the potential customers. Sometimes it may happen your hyperlink is not inserted or the link pasted is including some errors or any issue. There may also be some grammatical errors, or any mistakes which may not be affordable by the sales team. So to prevent this, try testing your email within your team, to check that whether your email satisfies your objectives or not.

6.Stay in touch with connections-

This is the most important of all to be done after you send email and get some query or interests on your site. Try contacting them immediately, when they ping you. Because during this period you are the top priorities for them. Never miss such opportunities. If you are lacking in an automated system which does this for you, try integrating CRM system with your enthusiastic sales team, for better results.

Hope these best among all tips help your sales team make best of email marketing efforts.

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