Benefits Of Fiber And How To Get Enough

What is Fiber? 

Fiber is an extremely important macronutrient. It is associated with extraordinary health benefits. Moreover, Fiber rich foods are cheap. 

Benefits of Fiber: 

  • A GODSEND FOR BOWEL: Fiber and the bowel make the best couple. Fiber rich diet is extremely advantageous for bowel health. It is beneficial in both diarrhoea and constipation. 
  • GOOD FOR THE HEART: Fiber helps lower LDL, the bad cholesterol and raise HDL, the good cholesterol. This makes it a fantastic macro for heart health. Fiber also help flush down toxins and harmful substances from the body further keeping the heart well. 
  • PREVENT CANCER: plant-based foods which are rich in Fiber are also rich in antioxidants. These protect our cells from oxidative damage and hence protect from cancer. 
  • BLOOD SUGAR UNDER CONTROL: Fiber rich diets are known to keep blood sugar in check and are proven to be excellent for diabetics. 
  • PERFECT WEIGHT LOSS FOOD: Fiber makes us feel full for many hours. This prevents overeating and keeps the scale down.  


Let’s Start The Grocery Haul, Shall We? 

  • FRUITS AND VEGETABLES: avocados are a must buy when searching for Fiber. A cup of it contains a whopping 10g of Fiber. Other fruits to look out for include, guava (8g of Fiber), oranges (4g), kiwi (5g), grapes and bananas. A fruit salad with all these is perfect for a Fiber rich snack. 

Coming onto veggies: vegetables like broccoli, peas, carrots, potatoes are rich in Fiber.  

  • GRAINS: brown rice, oats, and barley are Fiber loaded grains. Oats can serve as a healthy breakfast option. You can also substitute brown rice with white rice for a healthier version. 
  • NUTS AND SEEDS: Flax seeds, chia, and sunflower seeds are some of the healthiest seeds known. Adding them to your smoothies and desserts can provide you with a decent Fiber portion along with a thousand other health benefits. Nuts like almonds and pistachios also contain a decent amount of Fiber along with healthy fats. 
  • POPCORN: what is a movie night without these? Popcorn are one of the best Fiber rich snacks with a delicious flavour. 
  • BREAKFAST CEREALS: checking out the Fiber content on the box can help you choose the one with the most Fiber.  
  • FIBER FORTIFIED PRODUCTS: you can also buy Fiber fortified products like milk, yoghurt, and cereals for extra Fiber!  

Fiber and Erectile Dysfunction 

Erectile dysfunction is one of the leading issues faced by men across the globe. This is when the penis fails to become erect long enough for intercourse to take place. This leads to low self-esteem in men along with problems in inter-personal relationships. Aetiology includes psychological and physical factors. 

Psychological: stress, anxiety, depression, etc. 

Physical: cardiovascular diseases, like heart failure, hypertension, heart attacks, etc. nervous disorders like stroke, dementia, neurodegenerative diseases, etc. 

A Fiber rich diet has been shown to improve all the above conditions and eventually improve erection. Foods containing Fiber also contain excellent vitamins and minerals which have proven advantageous for reproductive health.  

The gold standard treatment for erectile dysfunction is the use of oral drugs. Adjuncts include: a healthy lifestyle, home remedies and surgery as a last resort. The drugs are sildenafil, tadalafil, vardenafil, avanafil, dapoxetine (kamagra online; the non-generic version). These drugs aid in the dilatation of the penile arteries sustaining erection. These drugs have a success rate of about 70%. You can buy these drugs online in Australia just at the tap of your finger. Click this: Oz meds online to order ED drugs now! 

Bottom Line 

It is important to recognize the benefits Fiber provides for our health to make us include this amazing macro in our everyday meals.  

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