Check Out The Tried And Tested Ways For Canned Food Storage!

Canned foods make up a big portion of a true food pantry, but storing them can be a challenge.

You know how simple it is to put a can or two in the back of the pantry and forget about it. When you eventually find it, it’s either expired or you’ve purchased three more since you didn’t realize you have it.

I’m sure there’s a better method, right?

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What is the most efficient method of storing canned goods?

Canned food storage must be both safe and convenient. Stacks of tins stacked on top of each other are not just a mess, but also a safety hazard.

If you’ve ever had a can fall on your foot, you understand how painful it can be. So, if a tin falls on a child’s head, well, let’s just avoid it.

Canned food storage can be kept wherever that is both handy and safe. When you’re fully supplied, those cans can weigh quite a bit, so whatever shelf you use must be able to support them.

We have a number of particularly designed canned storage solutions here that are ideal for the purpose.

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1. Make use of a multi-tiered organizer

Organizing cans in layers, just like spice jars, can let you view the front of each label. Whether you’re putting cans in a cabinet or on a pantry shelf, professional organizer Marie Jackson of Organized Marie recommends using a three-tiered organizer. If you wish to store cans on their sides, a stacking can rack is ideal, while an extensible tiered shelf is ideal.

2. Install an over-the-door rack

Are you fortunate enough to have a door in your pantry? All those cans fit perfectly in narrow, strong wire baskets. You’re less likely to forget to use them if you can see them all,” she explains. This six-tiered wire rack is a great option.

3. Use a magazine holder to keep everything organized

Magazine holders may be reused as fridge and freezer organizers, and extra-wide ones can be used to store cans in a pantry! Just make sure the holders you use are labeled.

4. Set up some can dispensers in a row

If you don’t have a lot of space in your cabinet or pantry and buy a lot of the same canned goods in bulk (such as beans, coconut milk, or chicken broth), Novak recommends investing in a can dispenser. Clear plastic is a fantastic choice because it allows you to monitor your supplies.

5. Keep cans concealed in a drawer

Do you have a deep drawer with plenty of room? It is completely capable of storing cans. Simply label the tops of the cans with a permanent marker so you can identify what’s what at a glance if you stand them up (as shown in this shot, off to the right).


A supply of canned foods for survival may make your life in the kitchen a whole lot easier, whether you’re making your favorite chili recipe or require a quick-and-easy side dish of corn. The only drawback? It’s difficult to know how to store canned goods, especially if you’re short on space (or don’t want a tower of beans toppling over in your cupboard, or on your toes!).

Fortunately, you can organize canned goods in a pantry, cabinet, or drawer in the above-mentioned ways, making your life easier. 

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