How to Select the Right Coffee Table Dimensions for Your Home

Buying a coffee table for the living room requires knowing the ideal dimensions. In terms of length, height, and placement. Size is as important as the style and shape of the table. 

The kind of coffee table you choose changes the feel and functionality of the living room. Aim to pick one that proportionately fit the space while leaving enough room for other seating. 

Focus on improving the function and flow of your living space. This requires you to buy coffee tables that are too big or overly difficult to reach. 

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The ideal size should allow free movement in the room. While you may have an ideal coffee table in your mind, please take time to go through the tips below to ensure you buy the right size.

Consider the height of the table 

Nothing can be worse than if you buy coffee tables online that are too low or too high. Select a table that fits the room well and you are comfortable having it in the living room. 

It should have the same height as your sofa cushions or even two inches lower. Any less or more is risky and makes everything feel off.  

The standard height is about 16-18 inches, which is ideal if you have a standard sofa. The average height of a sofa is 17-18 inches. This measurement is from the top of your cushion to the ground. 

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A higher sofa means you need a higher coffee table. Similarly, a lower sofa height means a lower coffee table height.  

Check the length

Just like the height, the length should be ideal and about two-thirds of the sofa’s length. For example, if you have a 96-inch long couch, then the right coffee table should be 64-inches long.   

Proportion is vital here. A coffee table that is too long impedes movement because the length overwhelms the sofa. 

Stick to the recommended measurements to ensure your coffee table doesn’t interfere with your comfort when sitting on either side of your couch. There should be plenty of legroom space around the table.  

Clearance rule or placement

This relates to the ideal space left between the couch or sofa and table. Select a coffee table that leaves 12 -18 inches from the sofa. If the space is less or more, it leaves you feeling uncomfortable because you will be either too far or too close. 

Measure the same for the fireplace, TV stand, etc. The right clearance space here is 24-30 inches. It leaves you with enough space to walk around. 

The right coffee table width is calculated by measuring the TV stand and sofa length then subtracting 42 inches. Your coffee table should allow smooth movement around the room. 

Focus on how you will place the table to fit perfectly with other furniture in the room.  

Room Balance

Consider weightiness. This means ensuring the coffee table complements your furniture to give you a balanced and proportional space. 

If the couch has skinny legs, then the table should be solid and have shorter chunkier legs. If the sofa has no visible legs, then select a coffee table with higher skinny legs.  

Your style and design preference

Your lifestyle plays an active role here. Consider a coffee table with storage space if you need that, but make sure it’s comfortable and feels good in the living room. Do you love to place your feet on your coffee table, then you need a firmer and stronger option. You can also do some experiments with your coffee table and decorate it according to your taste and interests. This is a great article that will help: A Complete Coffee Table Decor In 5 Simple Steps, it’s a wonderful study published by Floately, a brand that offers a series of innovative lighting products.

What are the common coffee table dimensions?

  • 36×36 square or round coffee table. Some people prefer square tables placed close to one another. Others love round tables with sectionals for their living rooms.  
  • 40-inches long coffee table. The width can be anywhere between 20-30 inches. These are ideal tables for smaller living rooms. It doesn’t fit a large room because it makes the space feel small.  
  • 48-inch coffee table. It’s the minimum size to get if you have an average home living room space. The width can be 20-30 inches and works for smaller living rooms too. Most people prefer a larger piece as long as the space allows.  
  • 54-inches long coffee table. This is the standard coffee table length and the width can be anywhere between 20-30-inches. It’s highly recommended for larger living rooms.
  • 60-inches long coffee tables and above. Perfect for homes with larger living rooms that can fit a sofa and chairs.  

Buying guide for coffee tables

  • Buy coffee tables that fit your living room space. Most living rooms can handle 40×60 inches tables. Be flexible depending on your budget, availability, and living room size.  
  • Measure the tables using a free floor plan app or click on the table to view the measurements from the online store. 
  • Select vintage, modern or mid-century styles, and designs. Buy coffee tables that suit your taste to enhance your home appeal. 
  • Take advantage of discounts. This allows you to get a great furniture piece at a fair price. Discounts offer a good save on spending which can be topped up to get another awesome piece of furniture or something like a nightstand. Online stores have great promotions.

Square or round coffee tables, which is best?

This is a preference matter. Round or square coffee tables brings more joy and life to a living space. It’s the best choice if you have great furniture layouts of your furniture are on either side of the table.  

Symmetry is what interior designers look for making square or round tables more suited to the living room space. Square or round tables complement sectional sofas well in a situation where a rectangular table would make the space feel too big. 

Most importantly, round or square coffee tables improve the visual interest of your living room to the lines!


Consider the right dimension when you buy coffee tables online. Symmetry and balance are vital in any home interior design. Select furniture that better complements your living space. Pick from the numerous modern coffee table sets on display. Feel free to make inquiries.  

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