Creative Ways to Give Your Girlfriend a Promise Diamond Ring

A promise ring is quite cute and gives your girlfriend some assurance that you have in mind to propose. Finding the right call for the occasion may be challenging. Also, giving it to your girlfriend may create a bit of a pickle as there may be other expectations.

A promise ring isn’t a ring offered in the same breath as you would an engagement ring. It shouldn’t even give such an impression either. There are clear-cut differences between the two rings and should be maintained when being given. Here’s how to give a promise ring to your girlfriend.

Wrap It

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A promise ring for a girlfriend should ideally be wrapped up and presented as a gift. The presentation of the ring is quite crucial as it should be mistaken for what it isn’t. now, have it in a gift box and give it to her on her birthday.

When you go for a diamond promise ring, you need to be there to explain to her what it is and how significant it is. Remember, you don’t want her to get confused, especially if you aren’t ready for marriage. And a diamond ring can give the wrong message if you don’t explain.

  • When to Give a Promise Ring

Promise rings don’t have the right formula for when you should give your girlfriend one. But they are better offered during gift offering seasons. Meaning you can give her during her birthday, Christmas, or even valentine’s.

The other time that you can give your girlfriend a promise ring is during your anniversary. Say, your one-year our second anniversary. Please don’t be too mushy about it and offer the ring on your two-month anniversary.

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Make It a Surprise

When you give your girlfriend a promise ring, it shouldn’t be something she anticipates getting. It should come as a surprise to her entirely. The best way you can achieve this is by springing it off when both of you are going on with your day.

It can be in the middle of a meal or even when you’re doing something unrelated to the relationship. You can also create a scavenger hunt for her to find the present. The present, of course, is the promise ring and it doesn’t have to be an expensive ring.

There are quite a few options of cheap promise rings in the market that will still hold the same meaning. And there are several things that a promise ring says, and they include

  • I’m serious about you
  • A promise of faithfulness
  • It can also be a commitment to friendship
  • Promise of love
  • I’ll marry you

When offering the ring as a surprise, these are some of the things that the ring will say to your girlfriend. If you’re one to leave clues in notes, ensure the last message explains the ring’s purpose to her.

Go to Your Spot

Once you are in a relationship, you’re likely to have a spot where you can define as your spot. By simply going to your location, you’d already have pushed a romantic gesture to her, and adding a ring will culminate the occasion on a high.

Assuming it is on her birthday or valentine’s day, you’d be in contention for boyfriend of the year. Your spot can be where you had your first kiss or the first place you had a date with her. Women want you to remember such things.

What you need to conscious about here is how you give her a ring. It shouldn’t be formal, as if you’re offering an engagement ring. Make it as casual as you can, and under no circumstance should you go down on one knee.

Since you want this occasion to be casual, slip the ring on her as you talk to her. What exactly are you supposed to say to you when you present a diamond promise ring to your girlfriend.

There is no clear-cut-out formula for what to say when presenting a promise ring to your girl. But few things need to be cleared

  • Why you decided to get her the ring
  • What promise you’re making to her
  • If there are plans to replace the promise ring for a girlfriend with an engagement ring, you can say that too.
  • Focus on commitment and love

Shop for the Ring with Her

Another way you can present a promise ring to your girlfriend is by shopping for it with her. to reduce the fanfare that may come with high expectations, and this is one of the most accessible options.

Even if you’re looking for cheap promise rings, go with her and let her pick the one she wants. This may save you a lot of explanations and save her disappointment that can come with formal presentations.

You can use this time as a boding process as you shop around for a ring that she’d appreciate.


As much as there can be some excitement when you offer your girlfriend a promise ring, there can be disappointments, even if it is a diamond promise ring. You need to anticipate these things when you shop around the internet for promise rings for girlfriends.

The disappointment will, however, come under peculiar situations. First, if you have been dating for a long, your girlfriend may be expecting an engagement ring. Also, if she’s above 25 years, she’s probably expecting an engagement ring.

If you’re in this situation, you need to consider offering her a necklace or bracelet. If it is the first present that you are giving her, there’s little chance of disappointment as she probably won’t be expecting an engagement ring.


An engagement ring signifies commitment between you and your girlfriend. You can use it to reassure your girlfriend that you think of her and that she’s of significance to you. How you present the ring can be challenging, as it can easily confuse an engagement ring. Here are some of the most creative ways you can use to give your girlfriend that diamond promise ring you got for her.

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