Everything you need to know about Toro Greensmaster® 3150/3250 Series

Toro is the leading name when it comes to golf course mowers. This company develops mowers and other golf course equipment that are known for living up to the expectations in terms of performance, fuel efficiency, ease of maintenance and repair and safety. You can buy both walk and ride Toro golf course mowers. Both types of Toro golf course mowers are fairly priced. 

This is a company with more than 100 years of experience in developing tools, machinery and equipment for golf courses. Even used equipment and machines by this brand are investment-worthy. From green mowers to golf lighting, this brand makes a wide range of golf products. 

In this article, you will learn about the features, specifications and accessories of the Greensmaster® 3150/3250 Series by this company. The Greenmaster 3150-Q  and 3250-Dare the best known for their exceptional field performance and superb cut quality. Just like Greensmaster® 3120, these two green mowers are also equipped with patented Dual Point Adjustment cutting units. The superior quality of cut these mowers provide comes from these cutting units. The maintenance is minimal and convenient controls allow easy operation. These two Toro golf course mowers are powerful enough for any application. These two models are classic and tested and trusted models delivering the performance a golf course mower demands. 

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Following are the two configuration options available to you: 

  • Greensmaster 3250-D Diesel Powered 
  • Greensmaster 3150-Q Gas Powered

Greensmaster® 3150/3250 Series Specifications 

Check the following table for Toro Greensmaster® 3150/3250 Series specifications:

Engine24.8 hp (18.5 kW) Kubota® diesel engine

Or, 18hp (13.4) Briggs & Stratton® gas engine

Transport Speed0 – 8.8 mph (14.4 kph)
Mowing Speed2 – 5 mph (3.2 – 8 kph)
Cutting Width59″ (1.5m)
Fuel CapacityUp to 7 gal (26.5 L)
Warranty2 year limited warranty

Greensmaster® 3150/3250 Series Features

DPA Cutting Unit 

Toro has utilized the most advanced cutting unit in its mowers. DPA cutting units have only two adjustments. The height -of-cut retention is superior. As stainless steel bearings are used, you do not need to grease every day. This series provides you with a consistent cutting edge. It comes with the smallest bedknife increment adjustments .178mm (.007 inch). 

Triangle Wheel Stand Design 

This design eliminates the risk of accidental dropping of the rear wheel into a bunker. The machine can safely make the turn for the next mowing path as the rear wheel track is placed within the front wheel’s radius.    

EdgeSeriesTM Reels 

EdgeSeries Reels provide you with benefits including: 

  • Improved after cut appearance   
  • Less maintenance 
  • Longer life 
  • Turf health

Easy Maintenance 

Components requiring daily inspection and routine maintenance and service can be accessed conveniently. These two models come with fewer hydraulic lines and connectors. All the hydraulic components are positioned in a way to facilitate easy visual inspection.

Safety Interlock System 

These green mowers come with safety interlock system. The implement or traction needs to be engaged to start the machine. You cannot start the mower if the operator is not in the seat and the brake is not engaged. You cannot operate the reels in transport speed. 

Safe Operation 

Low mounting design lowers the center of gravity. This provides more stability to the machine. 

Leak Detection 

Unlike Greensmaster® 3120, this series comes with leak detection technology. In case there is a leak, the operator will be alerted. 

Greensmaster® 3150/3250 Series Accessories 

You can buy the following accessories with Toro’s Greensmaster® 3150/3250 series: 

  • Groomers 
  • Light Kit
  • Three-Wheel Drive
  • Greens Cutting Unit Rollers, Scrapers, Bedknives
  • Rotating Rear Roller Brush
  • Thatching Reel
  • Greens Tri-Roller Kit

Toro is a brand you can trust for buying golf course turf equipment.  

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