How to Save Your Loved One’s from Online Dangers with Spy App?

Are you worried about your teen’s social media activities by using the cell phone? Being a spouse, you have some reservations about the loyalty of your partner when using the cell phone all day long. The modern digital technology is putting your loved ones in real dangers whether you are parents; you may be worried why the teens are obsessed with the use of cell phone gadgets and what really they do on the mobile phones. Spouses always want to keep an eye on their partners when they use the cell phone and don’t pay attention to their spouses and do cyber infidelity by using the social media platforms such as Facebook, Tinder, Line, Vine, Yahoo, Viber, and plenty of others alike.

These online media platforms have become the part of our lives whether teens, preteens, adults and the even the older generation. When parents think about the vulnerabilities using smartphones and the nightmares they became worried and try to do something to protect their loved ones. What are the dangers your loved ones may face while using digital media platforms? We have accumulated common and lethal dangers in the following.

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Cyber Bullies mostly victimize teens

Young kids and teens use their cell phone devices and install social messaging apps and make multiple accounts. They don’t bother to have prior dos and don’ts of the instant messaging apps and start using the social apps without making privacy settings and don’t customize their accounts at all. Ultimately, bullies are always in the search of new social media young users to do pranks with them and bullied them online with the help of sexual language, through sexual content such as photos and videos and with the racist slogans. The victim may go into a deep depression, anxiety and don’t even want to go in school having fear in mind that they will have to bear the embarrassment and finally lacking with grades and start living un-social.



Stalkers chases teens on social media

They are the kind of people who want to make young victims sexually. They chase young teens on social messaging apps for the sake of friendship and when they made them friends they force them into real life to start a relationship. Then play with their emotions and feelings and turned towards the new target. In the western world plenty of young school going teens got pregnant and even many commit suicide, according to the news reports.

Blind dating trend cost teen’s a lot

Teens and preteens usually involve in online dating instant messaging apps. They make accounts on the digital media platforms for dating purposes and encounter with the opposite gender who supposedly their age fellow. They do chat with the unknown online friends and then plan for the meeting in the real life without having the prior information regarding the person whom they are going to meet. Resultantly, they meet with the person who seems different as they seem on social media platforms pictures. There are many cases have been reported that young teens have been raped by a number of people due to the use of social media and the blind dates they did after making online relationship within the online friends.



What should parents do to protect beloved teens?

Parents are responsible for the protection of their loved ones, so they should use cell phone spy app to monitor the online activities of young kids. Then they will be able to know what make teens to put their lives in real danger. They just need to install the mobile phone monitoring software on teens and kids smartphones and then keep tracking their online activities on social media platforms. They can track their calls through call spy app; monitor sent and received messages with the help of spy on messages to know whom they are making conversations through messages. On the other hand, parents can use the IM’s social media of TheOneSpy spy app for phones. It enables users to view IM’s logs, chats logs, shared media files in the shape of photos and videos and VOIP calls. The user can also use live screen recording of the cell phone surveillance software to make short videos of the screen when teens are using any social media platforms.


Parents don’t have to worry about the online dangers they just need to use spy software for cell phone to protect loved ones to the fullest.

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