What Meat Options the Survival Food Company Offer for Hiking

Backpacking requires a lot of strength from the climbers. The backpacker is probably going to burn 6000 calories per day. However, packing a great number of candy bars is not a favorable thing to do. You really need to pack some savory snacks for hiking, such as meats, grains, nuts, cheese, and condiments. These snacks are recommended as they can satisfy your hunger. In this post, you will count on the meat options that the survival food company delivers for adventurous activities. 


Why Choose Meat for Hiking? 

Meat is a core diet for millions of people in their daily lives. So, why not look for it when you are heading hiking? Meat contains a good amount of protein, fast, and required calories that give the alpinist’s energy on his/ her adventure. Moreover, the canned meat is easy to carry and cook, despite where you end up. Taking too much peanut butter or sugar-based products can make you fall sick. Continue reading to learn about the best meat options for backpacking. 



Survival canned food can include jerky, which is a mixture of several types of meats and has a good range of flavorings. It’s one of the most sought-after choices amongst hikers worldwide. A quite popular one is the nutrient-packed beef jerky amongst the backpackers. Moreover, the dried jerky will not get ruined even if it’s kept in an unrefrigerated state. The climber can prepare it easily in the low flame of fire. 


➤Canned Packed Chicken

Canned packed chicken is also a favorable option for the ones who are looking for a lightweight & fast meal option. Canned chicken is readily available, and people enjoy the taste a lot. Moreover, the chicken is not spoiled till you open the can. The chicken is packed with protein, vitamins, and iron that will restore energy. 


➤Pre-Cooked Bacon

Just like jerky, pre-cooked bacon is readily available in supermarkets or can be ordered online. This meat has an immense shelf life that encourages the climber to carry it for a number of days without keeping it cool. Some varieties of bacon last up to 14 days. However, ensure it’s unopened as it is not kept under the intense heat and sunlight. 


➤Summer Sausage

It is a combination of beef and pork. The taste of the summer sausage can vary as the sealed package can have different flavors and seasonings. Plus factor is that it is also not required to keep the refrigerator and is shelf-stable even in lower temperatures. Once you open it, make sure to eat it as unhealthy bacteria can grow fastly. 


➤Dehydrated Turkey 


Generally, dehydrated meat is enjoyed by householders. However, it’s one of the most picked options for backpacking. If you are an avid camper, then dehydrated turkey is an excellent choice. It can last up to 2 weeks and offer you a significant amount of energy as you consume it. 


Above are some of the survival food for sale options that you can choose for your next hike. Keep in mind to keep the items stored in an airtight container as the dried meat will not be suitable for eating as the growth of harmful bacteria starts. 


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