The Best & Worst Places to Use a Seagrass Mirror in Your Home

When a guest visits a 5-star hotel’s room or washroom, he or she is highly impressed by the mirrors. Adding a mirror to the room makes the space 

look elite and eye-catching. The seagrass mirror is one of the trendiest mirrors that many want for decorating their homes. However, the challenge is where to place it so that the mirror fulfills its goal, i.e., enhancing the room. You can go through this short guide to learn about a handful of tips. 

➤Consider the Size of the Mirror 


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No matter what’s the shape of your room, an oval seagrass mirror is an ideal choice to go. Moreover, if your room is less spacious or has a single window, then placing the mirror will create an illusion of more space and render natural brightness. 


The critical consideration that should not miss out is the size of the mirror. Generally, for the bedrooms, people opt for the longer one, then place it on the most important wall of the room. For instance, fix it on the dressing table side where you can have a clear view of yourself when grooming and have amazing clicks. 


➤Avoiding Place the Mirror that Faces Windows 


The fantasy of placing the mirror-facing windows looks perfect until you know there will be great brightness in the room. However, in reality, it will be going to disturb you. Imagine having a bright light falling on your eyes early in the morning when the sun has just risen. It makes you feel good for one or a few days, but in the end, it will turn out to be a disappointment. So, be aware that your lavishing seagrass mirror is not facing the windows. 


➤Use Mirrors Where They’re Most Practical


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Make sure to use the mirror where they are required most. Hence, this is a simple rule, but hardly people follow it. A seagrass mirror can be used as a centerpiece for boosting your brass wall decor. Other practical places are small yet dark rooms, bathrooms, or in entries & exits of your home. Firstly, be clear about why you need the mirror for the place you selected. This will assist you in placing the mirror for the right purpose. 


➤Small Size Mirrors For Smaller Walls 


In the first guideline, you learn where you should place the long mirrors. However, not every person looks the same size. You may desire a small mirror, but you should know smaller mirrors are for small or marrow walls. In addition, they are perfect to be used as accent pieces. 


➤Do Not Place Mirrors on Ceilings


In the 70s, people used to place decorative mirrors on ceilings. Well, this is now an outdated fashion and is entirely unsafe. If you have kids at home, then avoid this practice seriously, as they can get hurt if the mirror falls off. 


After reading this post, you now know the do’s and don’ts when placing the mirror. Keep these factors in mind and have the right place for your alluring mirror. 


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