Moving In The Winter Season

Though winters is not considered as an ideal time for moving a house but it is actually a good time as winter months are often less busy months for moving and it will obviously make it easy for you to book movers, secure elevators in the building, and in fact can also be cheaper than moving in peak season. Though a winter move can be much easier but if a few things are considered and taken care of properlythen it can be easier than a usual move.

Following are the THINGS that you need TO keep in mind WHEN MOVING IN WINTER

A winter move can be made much easier with some smart planning tips. So here are a few of the most important things to consider when planning a winter move.


Moving in winter brings in uncertainty as weather in winter is extremely unpredictable. So the first thing to do is to keep an eye on the weather in the weeks leading up to your moving date. You may need to reschedule your move in case a storm is forecasted to blow in on the day you’re supposed to move.

Advance Preparations

In normal conditions, we can keep some work pending for the moving day too but in case of a winter move, you should be ready with everything on the day of moving as moving day is always pretty busy as the weather may not allow you to do anything extra. So you should ideally have everything packed and ready to go before the best long distance movers you have hired show up, so you’re not running around at the last minute. It will save you lot of time and energy on the moving day.

Keep Your Home Winter Ready

Loading in and Loading out will be more difficult if it happens to snow on the moving day, so you should do a bit more prep work to do before moving day. If it’s actually snowing on moving day then before your movers come just and clear a wide path from your home to where the truck will be parked with the help of a shovel. Don’t forget to salt or sand any slippery surfaces to avoid anyone to slip while carrying something heavy or breakable. You may also have to arrange a tarp or tent to cover the path if it’s raining or snowing heavily to keep your stuff safe and dry. You can even consider putting plastic covers on the floors inside your home to keep it clean while everyone will be coming in and out again and again to load stuff.

Keep Your Stuff Protected

You should pack all your stuff differently and safely as rain and snow is something very much expected during a winter move.Be sure to secure all your moving boxes with enough packing tape to withstand a little rain. But consider using plastic totes instead of cardboard boxes if you’re expecting a pretty heavy rain or snow. These plastic totes can be taken on rent instead of buying.

Don’t forget to wrap all your expensive items including art pieces and wall pieces, it should be in plastic or covered with trash bags to keep water out. Plastic trash bags can be used to pack clothes and textiles bags to save them from the rain. Blankets and tarps can be used to protect wood or fabric furniture. You can also shrink-wrapped furniture in plastic if you expect very heavy rain.

Be Prepared for Delays

Be prepared that you may have to postpone your move in case the weather isn’t cooperating. Winter season is not considered ideal just because rains and snow could all cause delays in travel time which will automatically affect the loading and unloading time and ultimately your final move.It is always advised to move earlier than to pay extra for a delayed move.

While DIY move is indeed the Cheapest Way To Move Cross Country, it is always recommended to hire professional help. If you are planning a move in the winter, prepare yourself with these amazing tips.

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