How to Determine If You Need to Replace or Repair Your Lawn Mower

Once your grass starts growing to an undesirable height, it is time to take out your trusted and handy tool: the lawn mower. Using a mower helps keep your lawn healthy and prevent debris, insects, and weeds from accumulating in the grass. As with any tool, you may encounter some issues with your mower from time to time. Whether it be a broken cord or belt, it can be a headache when your mower does not work correctly.

If you have been using your mower for many years now and it suddenly starts malfunctioning, you may be thinking of the proper remedy. Should you look for some briggs and stratton parts to fix the problem area or ultimately get a new mower? Knowing when you should replace or repair your mower is essential to make sure you do not spend more money than you should and have functioning equipment for your lawn.

Consider the Problem

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The first thing you can do is to consider what the problem may be. Try to check your manual for some information on troubleshooting your mower and see if these will help you diagnose the problem. For some issues, you may be able to get away with repairing your mower. For example, if your mower’s carburettor got clogged by sediments or if you did not drain old fuel, then you can quickly solve these issues with carburettor cleaning.

If you are dealing with internal damage, such as engine issues or crankshaft damage, then you should consider replacement since these are the most expensive to repair. Transmission issues can also be quite costly, so if you have had your mower for many years, then it may be better to replace it instead. In some cases, you may be able to keep your old mower but get some replacement briggs and stratton parts, so try asking a professional if this is possible.

Consider the Age

Aside from the severity of the issue, you should also consider how long you have had your mower. If your mower is less than 3 years old, for example, then it may still be worth spending on repairs since it is still quite new. If your mower is much older, however, then purchasing a new mower may be a more economical option.

If you are unsure of what the problem may be, you can bring your mower to a repair shop and ask for the costs needed to repair it. You can also ask if the problem is worth fixing, or if it is too severe that it would be better to get a new one instead.

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Consider the Innovations

At times, your decision may also be a result of the many innovations that are being introduced to more lawn mowers today. Many modern models are fuel-efficient, and some are equipped with powerful technology that allows you to use the equipment with a single touch. These features will lead to better efficiency and productivity, which can end up saving you more money in the long run. There is definitely nothing wrong with upgrading to a better model, but make sure to consider the value for money before making any purchase.

To avoid running into mower problems or having to decide between repair or replacement, you should continuously perform lawn mower maintenance. Regularly draining the oil or gas, replacing the air filter, and doing other maintenance processes will keep your mower running smoothly and in its best condition.

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