Santa Cruz Mountain Bikes

If you love to ride ‘off road,’ then mountain bikes are perfect for you. You can ride through the woods, zip past the trees and rock, or zip through the desert along the rocky or sandy trails. Mountain bikes are designed for riding under rugged conditions.

There are many types of mountain bikes, and Santa Cruz brings to you the various types of bicycles along with really attractive mountain bikes as well.

Santa Cruz mountain bikes

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Just as the name suggests, Santa Cruz Bicycles comes from the widespread city of Santa Cruz itself. Santa Cruz was founded in 1933 with two full suspension mountain bikes – Tazmon and Heckler, which was released in a raff of hardtail mountain bikes. In today’s time, Santa Cruz has various types of mountain bikes and offers a vast range from top-end to low-end mountain bikes for everyone, from hard-trail to ever capable.

Santa Cruz mountain bikes are famous and one of the best in the market because of two outstanding technologies:

  1. VPP (Virtual Pivot Point): In today’s world, competition has become like a tradition. It has become a natural phenomenon to chase and copy designs and technologies from one another. It is not really a bad thing, as innovation is like wildfire and ideas spread quickly, which invents new technologies and so on. Santa Cruz mountains bikes are unique in the cycle industry because of their creativity. Their first featured bike was a full suspension mountain bike which was eye-catching amongst the competition. Almost over 20 years later, they came up with the mind-blowing technology of VPP, and it became their trump card till date. VPP with the help of two short likes rotating in opposite directions, where one is below the top tube and the other one, behind the bottom bracket, which allows intense active rear suspension as well as finely tuned shock rates and kinematics. Santa Cruz has extensive knowledge about VPP and they have mastered the art. They have the strongest, most responsive and very efficient rear shock designs in the whole market today.
  2. Carbon Fiber: Santa Cruz ensures strength and longevity of their bikes the most. They set the frame of the bikes in a unique way by dropping 75lb gym weights over frames for assessment of impact, and they use conduct 800 lb shear tests on many parts of their frame which gives them the best carbon fiber strength-to-weight ratios in the whole market. The frames distribute the loads. They apply this to every kind of bicycles from top-end to lower-end to ensure good quality.

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Over, Santa Cruz is one of the leading mountain bike industries in the bicycle market today, and they are so because of many factors, some of them include:

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  1.    Significant combination of beachfront alternative lifestyle
  2.    Uniquely slept on a network of trails which is perfect for mountain biking and hiking
  3.    Best suspension kinematics available in the industry
  4.    Each bike is assembled by hand to suit and order in their California factory
  5.    Advanced VPP ( Virtual Pivot Point) technology
  6.    Carbon fiber manufactured bicycle
  7.    Amazing designs and durability and many more.

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