Tips & Tricks to Crack The ICSE Class 10 Exams

Most students find the idea of preparing for Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) Class 10 exams quite challenging. Primarily a student who wishes to pursue Science stream for the classes will have to take extra care to ace in subjects like Maths and Science. For ICSE Class 10 Science, the subject is divided into Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Here, we have given tips to score in these subjects. 

Acing Physics 

For ICSE Class 10 exams, Physics paper is marked at 80% for external exams, while the rest 20% is taken from internal assessment marks. Also, based on the marking scheme, students who wish to score good marks for the subject will have to focus more on concepts from given topics-Force, Work, Energy and Power; Light; Sound; Heat; Electricity and Magnetism and Modern Physics.  

Tips to Prepare 

  • Make a note of the derivations and formula 
  • Revise the subject regularly 
  • Try solving sample papers and previous year question papers 
  • Prepare according to the time allotment and marking scheme of a topic 

Scoring In Chemistry 

An essential subject for the Science stream students, Chemistry contains a lot of chemical equations. Students have to be very thorough with the concepts if they have to score well in the exams. ICSE Class 10 Chemistry Selina solutions is an excellent resource that helps the students to understand even the most complex concepts thoroughly. Some of the chapters to focus more on the subject are Periodic Properties and variations of Properties – Physical and Chemical, Study of acids, bases and salts, chemical bonding, Analytical Chemistry- Use of Ammonium Hydroxide and Sodium Hydroxide, Electrolysis, Metallurgy, Organic Chemistry, Study of Compounds, Mole Concept and Stoichiometry and so on. 

Tips To Ace 

  • Try solving question papers at least once a week 
  •  Know how to manage time effectively 
  • Follow a time-table for revision 
  • Have a proper grasp of the concepts taught in class 

Cracking Mathematics 

For a student aiming to pursue higher studies in the field of engineering, business studies, statistics or economics, Mathematics is a very crucial subject. Hence, it is requisite for these students to do well in the Class 10 Maths exams. They will have to concentrate more on topics like Commercial Mathematics, Algebra, Geometry, Mensuration, Trigonometry, Statistics and Probability, in order to ace the subject. 

Tips To Follow 

  • Do not miss any steps while solving the questions 
  • Practice with sample and previous year question papers 
  • Follow the required formulas and rules for the specific questions 
  • Keep revising the formulas and understand the concepts 

Ace In Biology 

A subject considered as a stepping stone to Medicine, Biology requires the students to understand the concepts thoroughly if they have to score well. ICSE Class 10 Biology Selina solutions are the perfect resource for this purpose. Students who wish to score well can focus more on chapters such as Basic Biology, Plant Physiology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Physical Health and Hygiene and Pollution. 

Preparation Tips 

  • Practice solving questions papers 
  • Understand the subject thoroughly 
  • Practice drawing neat diagrams 
  • Give extra effort for practical classes

Hence, we can further conclude that a student who is thorough with the subjects and does not stress too much during the exams, will be able to score high marks for the ICSE Class 10 board exams. The key idea is to prepare a study plan and to follow it accordingly. 


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