Top 10 Biggest Challenges Most Nonprofits Face & How To Overcome Them

Nonprofits can face numerous challenges. This brief overview addresses 10 of the most common obstacles and offers solutions that range from nonprofit data management best practices to integration software for a Raiser’s Edge import

The Challenges of Retaining & Engaging Donors


Donor relationship management is a core challenge for organizations that operate on a not-for-profit basis. Constituent relationship management software can be used to maintain contact records. Built-in third-party application compatibility and integration solutions can support communication and engagement.

How a CRM Can Give You the Data You Need to Better Engage & Retain Your Donors


Any CRM software in use at a nonprofit tends to house important data. Making this data available across platforms calls for Raiser’s Edge or Salesforce integration software.

A Lack of Relevant and Useful Data


Data from the CRM software an organization uses will determine the effectiveness of fundraising campaigns. If this data remains siloed or unavailable, an organization should seek out an integration solution designed for nonprofits.

Securing Recurring Donations


The ability to secure recurring donations from many donors can make reaching fundraising goals easier. An organization should focus on engagement and outreach to convert more one-time donations into monthly gifts.

Building Long-Term Donor Relationships


Organizations that strive toward long legacies of support raise more funds than nonprofits that lose touch with past donors. A strategic approach to ongoing donor engagement and outreach should resonate in the long run.

Data Siloed On Closed Platforms


Any donor data is potentially valuable. Information that can only be accessed on a single system is probably not achieving its full potential. Integration software enables data to flow across platforms.

Using Data To Inform Strategy


The data available for analytics is only as useful as the actionable insights yielded by analysis. Integration software with centralized records and segmentation resources can make data more practically useful.

Duplicate or Partial Records


Records that are redundant or incomplete are less useful than unique, high-quality data. Nonprofits can use integration software to deduplicate and merge records for better results.

Challenges Involving Custom Queries


The popular nonprofit CRM and fundraising software Raiser’s Edge is known for posing challenges where custom queries are concerned. Integration software can provide simplified workarounds for nonprofit staff. 

Missed Opportunities for Matching Gifts


Organizations should go the extra mile to determine which constituents are eligible for matching gift programs through employers. Identifying program participants and providing necessary information can provide significantly more funding.

Importing & Exporting Data


Many nonprofits use systems that are not readily compatible. In this case, integration software is crucial for transferring and using data across multiple platforms. Imports and exports can also be automated to save time.

Integrating Multiple Systems


As a general rule, any organization using more than one software suite or application for donor relationship management, fundraising or record-keeping should rely on integration software. This software provides resources for maintaining centralized and current records. 

The right combination of CRM, financial and integration software can help any organization overcome these obstacles. Integration software can provide solutions for most of the challenges faced by nonprofits.


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