Everything You Need to Know About Travel to Australia with Exemption

Due to the closure of Australia’s borders due to the Covid-19 outbreak, only individuals with legitimate reasons to visit the country can get travel to Australia exemption. There are a variety of reasons why a travel exemption is required to enter Australia.

A travel exemption may be required for the following reasons:

  • Having a humanitarian and compelling need to travel quickly
  • Having a critical skill
  • Being an intimate family member (spouse, de-facto partner, dependent child, or legal guardian) of an Australian citizen or permanent resident who has to travel to Australia
  • Needing immediate medical care or medical evacuation
  • Being a New Zealand resident who normally resides in Australia

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The type of documentation you’ll need to get an exemption to travel to Australia depending on the category you fall into.

Reasons to travel that are both compassionate and compelling reasons: 

There are a few scenarios in which you can seek a compassionate and compelling travel exemption. If you believe you have a compelling or compassionate cause to enter Australia, you need to submit information and proof to back up your claim. 

Critical Skills Required

Non-citizens with skills needed to ensure the continuity of important skills and services in critical sectors in Australia’s reaction to Covid-19 and economic recovery may be eligible for a travel exemption.

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Travel exemption requests must include the following information:

  • Traveller details: name, date of birth, visa type and number, proposed residence address and phone number in Australia.
  • Case information: the reasons why this request for an exception should be considered.
  • Supporting statement: the request should be accompanied by a letter from a company that provides important goods and services or government authority in Australia, state or territory, stating why the skills are necessary.

Those with companion visas (subclass 100, 309, 801, and 820) can get travel to Australia exemption and are allowed to fly to Australia immediately.

Those who fit the criteria for immediate family members must fill out an ‘Evidence of Relationship’ form outlining their family and travel circumstances, as well as any evidence that will help the Department of Home Affairs examine the relationship.

The following items may be included in the supporting documentation:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Registration of a de facto or civil partnership
  • Financial commitments that are shared
  •  Proof of joint residency
  •  Birth certificates for yourself, your partner, and any children.

Medical evacuation or urgent medical treatment

Those who require urgent or essential medical treatment in Australia may be eligible for an Australian international travel exemption. Medical evacuations on compelling and humane grounds are also included. State and territorial governments assess these instances on a case-by-case basis, depending on the capability of the receiving medical facility.

Requests for travel exemptions for persons who require immediate medical attention should contain the following information:

  • Medical records detailing the ailment
  • A letter of support from the original medical facility or its employees
  • A letter of support from the receiving medical facility
  • If available, flight information

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