Your brother needs a remarkable gift for being at your side

“Mumma, he stole all the cookies from the jar”. “No matter how many hours you waste in front of the mirror you always look like a monster to me”. “I will make sure you get caught while sneaking out tonight”. All these sentences make you recall one person and that is your brother. All the daily drama you do and he adds on to it with his sarcasm and fun, it is his birthday and you have to let him know that these are the reason you guys are inseparable. The best birthday gift for brother should be trendy and cool as we know how choosy he is with his belongings. Understanding this we have got a range of items to let you decide to match your brother’s taste:

  1. Cool boxers: We are starting with the boxer as comfort wearing is what boy’s look for. The funky boxers with stylish prints will set them up for a weekend with friends.
  2. Beer mug: Most often he decides to be home and chill with a mug of beer. So, why not a mug with funky writing to funk him up. He would listen to you at least for a couple of minutes with this gift. We know a couple of minutes is not the deal but come on girls! it’s your brother we are talking about.
  3. Multi grooming kit: Ok! This is something that would make him do what you say at least for two days or you could negotiate accordingly. For my brother, two days are like two hundred years. (chuckles) Offer him a good look to make the girls go drool and he would be your slave. Bu haaa haa! (just kidding)
  4. Planters: Very thoughtful baby planters in the buckets for your cute little naughty one. Keep him engaged with the plants and do something good together while some smiles and playtime together.
  5. Perfume: Boys love the fragrance and have a good collection to keep switching from time to time. Give him a good perfume from the latest ones or club a perfume with a belt to make a combo out of it.
  6. Multipurpose organizer: Messed up a room, so much space still he cannot find a place other than the bed to dump his stuff on. Give him a multipurpose organizer and yes you will have to take the pain of making him learn how to use it a couple of times. But, trust me he will get on track or even if he does not just give it to him anyway. He will use it in your remembrance when he goes away.
  7. Personalized sports bottle: Your sports champ needs something of his own to use on the field or for net practice or even to the gym. Personalize the bottle with his name or a chic line to let him own it.

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