Your Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Diamond Ring for Your Soon-To-Be Wife

Engagement rings are the ultimate symbol for finally tying the knot. They symbolize eternal love for each other. They symbolize a new chapter in life among soon-to-be married couples. As it is, it is not surprising that these rings may come expensive, from couple of hundred dollars to thousands. This is why it is important to be extra picky when it comes to choosing the best engagement rings for you and your soon-to-be wife.

If you are still clueless on what type of ring you should get your future spouse, let this article help you in several ways. Remember, engagement rings do not come cheap, so it would be best the pick the right one so you will not regret spending hundreds to thousands for it.

Decide whether you will be getting matching rings or different ones

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The common notion about engagement rings is that they should have the same design and style. However, in the past several years, more Sydney couples are deviating from this tradition, choosing different design and style for each ring. In the end of the day, you will be the one to decide whether to get matching or different rings.

Surprise her or you may shop together

Traditionally speaking, it is the duty of the man to surprise her lady with an engagement ring. However, there are couples now that decide to shop for engagement rings together. The rationale behind this is that it allows the soon-to-be wife to choose the ring that she likes. It saves the man from the hassle of deciphering which type of ring her fiancé would want. In case you want to surprise your partner, however, it advisable that you get clues from her friends or colleagues so you would know which type of ring to buy.

Get the right size

The trickiest part about getting an engagement ring is the size. If you plan on surprising her, make sure that you get the right size of the ring because it would be custom made by the jeweler. Simply put, there is no room for errors when it comes to the size. You may want sneak into her jewelry purse or box and borrow a ring that fits her perfectly and bring it to your jeweler. Getting the right size is no problem if you decide to shop together.

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Choose the right metal

The most popular engagement rings in Sydney are those made of gold but platinum and silver ones are also becoming popular in recent years. Make sure to choose the right one for your would-be wife so you will not have regrets in the end. The rule of thumb is to get a ring that is durable and of great quality so you will not have issue even if both of you decide to wear it every day.

Choose the right stone

There are many stones you can choose from: amethyst, turquoise, sapphire, emerald, morganite, garnet, pearl, topaz, among many more. But nothing beats diamond jewellery. Carefully choose the best one for your soon-to-be bride so you will not have any problem. You may want to indirectly ask her about the stones she prefer, or ask her friends about it.

Have a realistic budget

Since engagement rings may cost a lot, it is important that you set a particular budget for it. If you wish to get her diamond jewellery, then allot some hefty amount of money for it. The secret to setting a realistic budget is to get quote from jewelers in your area so you will have a better picture on how much you have to spend for it.

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