The Benefits and The Different Types of Staffing Agency

Currently, people who are looking for work are more interested in joining a staffing agency.

A staffing agency like SCION is an agency that helps match your talents with relevant types of work.

Not without reason, they prefer to use a staffing agency because they already know that this staffing agency provides more benefits for them.

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Then what are the benefits of using this staffing agency?

The Benefits of Using Staffing Agency

Here are some benefits of using a staffing agency, including:

1. Save time

If through a simple job search it usually takes months of recruitment, with this staffing agency all recruitment processes are carried out in a shorter time.

But this staffing agency takes care of all the hassles that arise in the hiring process on a shorter basis because it has the resources, techniques, and a structured candidate base to have civil discourse.

2. Save Cost

In addition to saving time, staffing agencies can also help a company save the costs they spend on various recruitment processes.

This is because staffing agencies have candidates who have been specially trained for such recruitment.

The candidates have gone through a process of reemployment testing, background testing, and a drug screenings process which saves a company more money and time.

3. Extensive network

Compared to the HR department, this staffing agency has a much more widely available network of workers.

This is because they are associated with more people from various industries who have been given the opportunity to hone their skills.

Apart from that, they also have a large client list so that the candidates can freely choose jobs from various companies.

4. Provide the skills and guidance needed

Staffing agencies have experienced recruiters who know how to select employees with various criteria set by a company.

They provide guidelines and tips on how to prepare a CV, how to do an interview well.

They also provide candidates with training and guidance regarding skills, interests, and career aspirations.

Types of Staffing Agency

As for the types of jobs available at the staffing agency:

1. Temporary Work

One of the most common types of positions filled by staffing agencies be temporary work.

This type of position is a job that usually has a predefined start and end date.

Some jobs that fall into this type of work are machine operators in facilities, manufacturing, call-center representatives, administration, and so on.

2. Temp-to-Hire

A temp-to-hire position is a job that starts out as a temporary job, and then changes to a permanent position after the employer measures the ability of its employees.

Typically, this type of work is filled for assemblers, delivery drivers, installation specialists, hospitality professionals, and so on.

3. Direct Recruitment

This type of work is given to employees who wish to work for a permanent position.

So, after the staffing agency recruits and provides direct guidance to its employees, then these employees will be given jobs with permanent positions.

The jobs usually filled by this position are paralegal and legal assistant, accountant, marketing coordinator, and so on.

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