How to Dress Up Your Semi Trailer and Earn Extra Cash

If you think that your big rig is merely for delivery and logistics, then better think again. There are various ways on how you can make some extra cash with your truck as long as you dress it properly or maximize its usage. This article tackles how you need to dress up your truck to earn some extra cash from it.

Mobile Advertisements

One of the primary ways for you to earn some extra income from your truck is to use it as a marketing tool. No, not only for your business but to cater for other brands as well. In this case, all you need to do is to dress your truck with the promotional content of other businesses in various industries, in exchange for a certain fee. In this case, you may even begin looking for a semi truck trailer for sale to add to your fleet and expand your revenue, particularly if you intend to dress it in the same way. The key is in ensuring that you come up with a viable agreement between you and the business that wishes to advertise through your truck.

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When it comes to advertising contracts though, make sure that you accommodate the requests of the brands who wish to leverage your promotional services. However, you also need to ensure that it is reasonable with the fee that they are willing to shell out for it. You may also need to set some restrictions when it comes to the time frame to ensure that you will be able to update their ads as necessary.

Truck Roadshow

Another way to earn some extra cash through your truck is by using it for a roadshow. The concept is somehow similar to mobile advertisements, only that a roadshow is an event that happens on a specific date and time. For instance, a certain brand may get in touch with you because they will be conducting a marketing activity in a certain open field for a month. In this case, they may need to use your truck to promote their brand and to store the things that they need for the activity as well.

For sure, you may need to dress up your truck to promote their products and services for the entire time that they are conducting their marketing activities. After that, you may need to dress up your truck in a different way again to cater to another business or brand. Just make sure that you charge a reasonable amount to ensure that your costs in dressing up your truck according to their content will be covered. Rest assured that apart from the fees for the promotional content you need to advertise, they will also pay your rent for using your truck to store the things that they need in the venue.

Special Events

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Finally, you can also earn extra cash by ensuring that your truck stands out in special events such as contests dedicated to finding the most unique big rig. By simply maintaining your truck or making it set apart from the others, you have a chance to win a special prize from these special events.

The Bottomline

Mobile advertisements and truck roadshows are only two of the ways on how you can dress up your truck to earn some extra cash from it. There are instances wherein you no longer need to dress your truck to make some additional bucks. For instance, you can use the available units on your fleet for other services such as transporting construction materials or transporting the belongings of people who are moving. You only need to be open to every opportunity if you wish to make the most out of your truck.

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