Top Home Remedies For Red Eyes

Someone said that: “The eyes are the windows of the soul!”. The eyes indeed play an important role in the life of each person which help us to observe everything in the daily living. However, many health problems related to the eyes is becoming popular and affect a lot of the people who suffer from it. One of these is red eyes which happens to many people.

Red eyes bring many troubles for the people who got it. Fortunately, it commonly is not too serious and can disappear in a short time. However, if you want to get rid of it quickly, this article will provide you some Home remedies for red eyes effectively but also very simple and natural.

What are red eyes?

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Red eyes or as known as bloodshot eyes are not common but it can occur to anyone. It happens because of the dilation, irritation or swelling of the vessels of your eye. This problem has many different levels. It can be mild red eyes with itching and painful. In some severe case, it can impair your vision. However, some people just have red eyes simply without any pain or irritation.

What causes red eyes?

As mentioned, red eyes happen mainly due to the inflammation of the vessels in your eyes. The irritants which lead to this condition may include exposure to sunlight, dry air, dust, colds, allergic reaction, viruses or bacteria, and so on.

Another causes that make red eyes becomes more serious is infections. Infections can happen in many different structures of eyes and lead to some symptoms such as discharge, swelling, pain or even changes in vision. The infections may include blepharitis, uveitis, episcleritis, keratitis, conjunctivitis or corneal ulcers.

What are the symptoms of red eyes?

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People who suffer from this condition will have some symptoms below:

  •        Burning sensation
  •        Itching
  •        Swelling
  •        Watery or thick discharge
  •        Photophobia
  •        Eyelashes fall out ( may be related to blepharitis)
  •        A sensation of foreign objects

Home remedies for red eyes

  1.     Cold compress

Cold compress is a simple and natural but effective way to help you deal with red eyes. The symptoms of red eyes will reduce quickly if you know how to apply this method.

All you have to do is preparing a soft and clean towel first. Then using this towel to dip it into a sink of cold water. Squeeze it and apply the cold towel over your red eyes for few minutes to relieve its unpleasant feeling.

  1.     Salt

Salt is one of the most workable home remedies for red eyes that you should try. It helps you to prevent the attack and development of bacteria to your eyes because of its anti-inflammatory property. Therefore, the symptoms of red eyes will remove quickly and also avoid inflammation and infections.

To perform this method, you need to boil a cup of clean water with a teaspoon of salt. Leave it cool and rinse your eyes with this solution few times a day until you satisfied with the result.

  1.     Green tea

Green tea can work wonderfully as one of the most impressive home remedies for red eyes that you might not know about. Its anti-inflammatory agents will help you ease the swelling, pain, and irritation effectively.

Moisten two green tea bags by soaking in a little bit of hot water. Let two of these cool completely. After that, apply it to the affected eyes for few minutes. Repeat this remedy several times every day until your condition improve.

  1.     Drink enough water

As mentioned, red eyes can be the result of dry eyes if you do not drink enough water. In this condition, you may experience blurry vision, irritated or feel like foreign objects in your eyes. It seems to be a sign of dehydration.

To solve this problem, the simplest way you should do is providing enough water for your body or in other words for your eyes. The minimum amount of water that you need to supply every day is 2 liters similar to eight cups of water and divide it into several times a day. Make sure you can maintain this to keep your body stay away from dehydration.

  1.     Cucumber

Cucumber is used for a wide range of purposes especially in skincare. However, not everyone knows it also is an excellent idea for dealing with red eyes. You are probably familiar with the image of using cucumber slices to apply on face and two eyes in beautification. It not only can help you relax but also ease the unpleasant feelings which caused by red eyes.

Prepare some slices of fresh cucumber and soak them into a cup of cold water. Close your eyes and put two slices on two eyes then let your body relax to reduce the symptoms of red eyes. Repeat this method few times a day to improve your condition and also reduce stress after a day working.

  1.     Aloe vera

Another great home remedy for red eyes that is put on this list which may be available in your kitchen is aloe vera. The gel inside its leaves can work as an anti-inflammatory and soothe the symptoms of red eyes effectively.

Prepare some fresh leaves of aloe vera and extract it to take the gel. Keep this gel chill in your fridge. You can mix it with a little bit of cold water and soak a cotton ball into this mixture. Apply this cotton ball to your affected eyes for few minutes. Follow this remedy until the symptoms of red eyes disappear.

Hope you understand clearly about the causes, symptoms and found some useful home remedies for red eyes after reading this article. Nonetheless, if your condition becomes worse and has no sign of remission, you should visit the doctor to have consultation and treatment promptly.


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