Baby Rhino And Zebra Become Best Friends At Sanctuary In South Africa 

A baby rhino and a zebra have become the best of friends at a sanctuary in South Africa and everything about these two are just adorable.

In early December, the Wild Rhino Sanctuary in South Africa took in a one-day-old rhino calf, which still had her umbilical cord attached to her. She was later named Daisy.

On December 11, the Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary posted on Facebook about Daisy, saying:

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Discovered and rescued by the SANParks team during a routine operation in the Kruger, our latest arrival was just 12 hours old when she was admitted on Thursday afternoon. Unable to stand, her umbilical cord was still attached. She is incredibly weak and extremely vulnerable. This little calf is being fed hourly around the clock. At this stage, the team works in shifts to ensure there is always a caregiver by her side. We have an extremely long road ahead, but every rhino matters.

Since the day the sanctuary brought in Daisy, they have been working to keep her healthy.

According to the Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary, Daisy had a compromised immune system, which makes her vulnerable to illness.

In another post that they made about Daisy, they said:

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This tiny, miniature rhino instantly climbed into our hearts. With her oversized feet, droopy lips, and hairy ears, she looked prehistoric, and yet she was so unbelievably vulnerable.

Daisy’s care includes staying at the ICU of the sanctuary, getting plasma transfusions, getting light exercise, staying warm all the time, and getting antibiotics..

The thing is, Daisy is not alone. 

Modjadji, a young zebra foal, was rescued after a number of severe storms in South Africa and since the day it was brought into the sanctuary, the two became friends right away.

Modjadji started keeping Daisy company after the baby rhino arrived and was often found cuddling with the animal.

In a third update that was made by the Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary, they said:

She has befriended little Daisy and is really offering her a lot of comfort. She is incredibly gentle with her, and the two seem to be good friends already.

Daisy still has a long road to recover, but the careers at the sanctuary have said that they have seen a lot of improvement in the calf’s overall health.

The Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary are hopeful that the fighting spirit of Daisy and their friendship with Modjadji will help them two get through a lot of things in the upcoming future.

What are your thoughts on Modjadji and Daisy? Let us know what you think about their friendship by leaving a comment in the comments section below! 

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